Sunlight and Spotlight

Well this week brought us several consecutive days that looked like this:

A record by...10 degrees!
A record by…10 degrees!


Of course you have to take advantage of this rare summer weather in spring and so we did.  Monday night Bryan and I met before dance class to ride the scooter, without a jacket, to Eastlake Bar and Grill to dine on the patio.  It was so super pleasant and the patio was hopping.  Dance class was challenging and we were sweating and ready for the cool-down on the scooter ride home.

Tuesday was our longer run of the week and was very pleasant running weather in the early morning hours.  After work Bryan grilled up some Greek chicken kabobs and lamb skewers served along with zucchini and a rice blend for a summery dinner.

Wednesday I chose to ride my bike to work for my cross training activity of the week.  Again, no need for a jacket even in the early hours.  After work I took the long way around Lake Union before meeting all the FareStart peeps at the Dodd’s house for takeout (quite good!) Sichuanese food from Lionhead while watching ourselves and FareStart on the filmed taping of The Chew that the Dodd’s had taped for us all.  It was fun seeing FareStart on TV for the super short 4 minute segment and we of course had a great night together eating, talking and drinking on their rooftop patio.

FareStart was on The Chew. I wasn't caught on camera but Bryan's behind was!
FareStart was on The Chew. I wasn’t caught on camera but Bryan’s behind was!

Thursday the temperatures started to drop a little which went more or less unnoticed being that we are inside all day for FareStart.  Bryan and I did get outside for 4-mile runs in the morning before work.  Volunteer Park Cafe was the spotlight chef and we had another great meal of grilled asparagus with chevre, slow-roasted duck leg with rice and vegetables, and a coconut panna cotta with strawberries and basil.

The bomb dot com asparagus with chevre crema and herbs.
The bomb dot com asparagus with chevre crema and herbs.

Mamasita is coming, Mamasita is coming!


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