Wine and Wheels

Once again our week was more or less a whirlwind of fun with friends and each other.

We spent a night of dancing a la Lindy Hop learning some great new dance moves and then picked up one of our favorite take-out comfort foods, Russian dumplings from Vostok Dumpling House, to take home and indulge on the couch.  As always, dancing and dumplings were darn right enjoyable.

Tuesday night we accompanied Andrew and Angela to the Novelty Hill/Januik Wine Circle spring wine release party.  This was the first release party that Bryan and I could make and despite it raining hard and traffic sucked getting there, once there we had a great time with wine glass in hand the entire time.  The wines featured in our wine shipment were the Grenache and a Cabernet, although we also tried a white Voignier and a Merlot-Cabernet blend called Cascadia that was also very nice.  The buffet spread featured focaccia, Asian ribs, tuscan bean salad, a grilled endive and chicory salad, poached Albacore with some candy-like eggplant, and red wine risotto.  There was a monstrous charcuterie table that I over indulged a little bit and I think Bryan and I shared four or five of these little chocolate budino cups before heading back to Seattle while neither Andrew or Angela had one.  No shame.

This little chocolate goodies!
This little chocolate goodies!

Wednesday night was a free night.  Bryan and I did our half-marathon program-required 40 minutes of cross-training together after work, made Callalloo stew, and talked honeymoon details!!!  Felt pretty good about the productive but laid back night in the casa.

Thursday was a slow night at FareStart which was a first in a while and honestly kind of nice.  But it featured a brand new restaurant called Meet the Moon in the Leschi area that I have been curious about and the menu certainly didn’t disappoint.  A snap pea and gem lettuce salad with green goddess dressing that was fresh and light, lamb stew with barley, farro and chickpea pilaf topped with a yogurt mint sauce that was so delish, and a spring-like rosewater panna cotta that I was all about.  All three courses featured our favorite, Ellenos greek yogurt from the market.

The marketing manager has my number. I got another photo op while sampling the menu before diners arrived.
The marketing manager has my number. I got another photo op while sampling the menu before diners arrived. I approve.

Friday we multi-tasked.  First we attended the Dvorak cello concierto with the Seattle Symphony for their “Untuxed” concert at Benaroya Hall that we had agreed to attend with Billy and Val back in January.  Before the concert we all met up at Sazerac to partake in happy hour.  The cellist and the music was really enjoyable especially from the second row.  Post concert we set out to Hilliard’s Beer to join in on David’s birthday festivities with our friends.  A Murdered Out Stout and an intense game of giant Jenga helped keep the night lively.

It's getting tall!
It’s getting tall!

The weekend presented us again with no plans!!!  Thus, our weekend closely resembled last weekend in all of its greatness.  Saturday morning we lazed around the house, making a great hash for brunch, re-potting my seedlings into 4″ containers for room for growth, and sipping on coffee.  This weekend we up-ed our long run to 7 miles for half-marathon training and we had a beautiful day to get outside for our run.  Like, an absolutely beautiful day out there!  After our run we toured a few open houses, picked up some things from the store and then made beer battered fish tacos for dinner.  Delish!

Sunday we somehow made it to church after getting a sleepy start and had a much needed service.  After brunch we decided to drive to Elliot’s Bay Marina to have lunch on the patio at Maggie Bluff’s.  Fantastic views of the city and Rainier in the distance and the beautiful boats in the marina up close.  I had a half po boy sandwich and salad which was great.  We stopped at Fred Meyer for sunglasses for Bryan and a bunch of petunias for me.

Breathtaking brunch
Breathtaking brunch

After planting a few more plants Bryan and I packed up the Jeep and set out to Renton for a bike ride.  We started right by Bryan’s work along the Cedar River.  We rode the designated and mostly flat bike trail for about 10 miles before turning off the trail onto some more hilly but picturesque roads in nearly countryside!  It was a beautiful ride and one that had me spent by the end of the 27.5 miles of it.  At the end of the ride we sat along Lake Washington for nearly an hour just taking in the sun and the boats on the water.  Before heading home we picked up a chocolate and strawberry milkshake from Potbelly’s.  After much needed showers Bryan and I collaborated on dinner of a chimichurri steak, potatoes, and cocoa and paprika dusted cauliflower as we watched The Flintstones on Netflix.

A really great ride.
A really great ride.

Both of our bodies are spent but satisfied from the active weekend and had a difficult time pulling ourselves out of bed to work this morning.  The promised 80 degree weather and free ice cream at Elliot’s finally did it though.


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