Is all it did this week.  At least we lucked out with the nice weather when we really wanted it (last weekend) but I mean c’mon!  There’s no way out of having to go to and from work or the other various items on the docket this week.

Like Monday, in which we kicked off our first dance class; East Coast Swing.  Bryan’s birthday gift to me was dance classes at the Century Ballroom, certainly the most well known dance studio in Seattle and fortunately in neighboring Capitol Hill.  Week one seemed straightforward enough so hopefully we can keep up.  Swing is also quite the workout and Bryan and I arrived at Queen Sheba famished for a shared Ethiopian meat combo platter after class.  That meal certainly took care of our hunger!

Century Ballroom
Century Ballroom
Meat combo platter that is WAY bigger than it looks
Meat combo platter that is WAY bigger than it looks

Midweek we had a break from activities to rest up and workout.  We also each got some extra hours in at work.  I also tried my hand at fried fish tacos that certainly exceed my expectations never having beer battered or really deep fried anything before.

Yum yum yum
Yum yum yum

Thursday night was another very full house at FareStart and another late night spent enjoying some of our favorite people.  This week featured Stumbling Goat Bistro and another killer winter comfort food meal of braised wild boar shanks and creamy polenta and concluded with a chocolate cream dessert that Bryan announced his “favorite of all time”.

Bryan and I had declared another low key Friday night in.  We each made what we were craving and settled into the last Star Wars film for a very exciting Friday night.

I was on my own on Saturday because Bryan was invited on a guys-only ski trip to Crystal and I woke up feeling pretty miserable.  Yet the sun was promising to come out and I was interested in a hot pilates class at Lorna Jane so I set out for class in the sunshine.  I felt okay during Saturday afternoon and a sandwich and latte from Starbucks made it even better.  Bryan got home around 6pm and we decided to go to Eastlake Bar and Grill to catch the 2nd half of the Cardinals vs. Packers game, which ended up being a great decision for both food and game atmosphere.

Sunday morning we woke up excited to spend the rainy day indoors watching the Seahawks vs. Panthers.  The game started out rough, way rough.  It was depressing but we didn’t give up hope…and neither did the Seahawks.  The 2nd half started and the normal team came out for the second half and although they pulled out a string of successful drives they came up short to a very good team.  We were bummed that we wouldn’t be playing in the Super Bowl again but were at least very happy that the team got it together and came back.  Already can’t wait until next season!  Bryan and I donned rain jackets and set out for a walk around Madrona which even did greet us with some sunshine at the end of our walk.  We concluded our lowkey and my sick weekend with making beef stroganoff, watching the debate, watching more Sopranos and putting together the awesome patio heater our friends Billy and Valerie already got us off of our wedding registry list!

No more Seahawks this year
No more Seahawks this year

Hears to feeling better and our next dance class!



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