A Dance and A Dinner

Sometimes you just have to write about a great night, especially one with your special someone, and those times don’t have to just be on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a birthday, or even a Friday night.  Why not on a Monday?  In January?  Through light drizzle and even shouldering a cold?  Yup, let’s do it.

So our second week of dance class at Century Ballroom came and went and Bryan and I both marveled at how we each had the best dancing partners in the room.  Slightly beat from dancing and ready for a good meal we made what seems to be a very rare trek over to the Eastside to dine at Bin on the Lake, a nice waterfront establishment in Kirkland that we had been to only once before and whom came to FareStart about a year ago.  The restaurant was not busy but provided several open tables next to the window which we happily took.

Our waiter throughout the night was one of the best we’ve ever had.  He was a Texas grad student alum, avid fan of barbecue, and very knowledgeable about the menu and wines.  He led us to selecting two very good wines and steered us towards some excellent dishes.  Bryan chose the wagyu Kobe beef flat iron with miso bok choy and potatoes which was perfectly cooked and plated beautifully.

Beef for my beef cake LOL
Beef for my beef cake LOL

Meanwhile, I chose two small plates that were really large and flavorful and Bryan helped me with those.  I had to get the scallops, plated with oyster and shitake mushrooms, brown butter parsnips, and other roasted apples.  The other plate I selected was seared ahi tuna that was as fresh as can be, rubbed in porcini dust, seared and sliced over some excellent roasted potatoes, fennel, smoked pork belly and a fantastically creamy eggplant puree.  Both dishes were mind-blowingly good and hard to choose one over the other so I’m glad I chose both!  And last but certainly not least we ordered a side of their roasted cauliflower, because who wouldn’t when it says that it is accompanied with caramelized onions, roasted dates and a chocolate EVOO?  Yeah, it was freaking amazing!

The biggest scallops ever.
The biggest scallops ever.
Look at that dish!
Look at that dish!
Some darn good cauliflower!
Some darn good cauliflower!

Bryan and I were both so full and happy and each and every plate offered the opportunity to dip bread into that we did something we don’t often do that much when we dine out at a fine establishment…we passed on dessert.  Yup, we did, but we will be back to try some I guarantee it.  We had the rather easy drive back over the floating bridge where we made epic plans to bike to Bin on the Lake in the summer when the bike lane on the new 520 bridge is finally open.  I can’t wait!!!!!


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