Four Years

This week celebrates Bryan and my four year anniversary of dating and it is pretty exciting because this time next year we will be having our wedding on that very day.  We have had a great week.  We spent much of last weekend doing anniversary-ish things, like recreating our first date, going on a solo hike, and making dinner together.  Thursday was our actual day but we spent that at FareStart with friends and good food…we also brought a good bottle of wine for the group.  So Wednesday was the night we went out for a hot date.

We were able to take advantage of our promo dining (mystery shopping) at Capital Grille again, the super expensive and delicious steakhouse in downtown Seattle with valet.  We went the day after Valentine’s Day and after six months we were allowed to go and dine there again.  We had the usual exquisite service and one mighty fine dinner.  The summer wine tasting event, Generous Pour, was going on which you could purchase for $28 and featured wines that we tasted throughout our long meal.  Man were we drunk!  I think we had four glasses each on our table at one point.  And then at the end of the night our server brought us free glasses of port for our anniversary!

All my glasses! And not even the extent of it.
All my glasses! And not even the extent of it.

For food we split the super meaty crab and lobster cakes to begin our meal and their fantastic bread basket.  We also split the simple green salad which was tasty and light.

Super duper meaty lobster and crab cakes.
Super duper meaty lobster and crab cakes.


For our entrees we of course each got steaks.  I had to resist the temptation to get the same one I ordered last time, this time going for the almighty sliced filet with cippolini onions and mushrooms.  It was superbly cooked and mouthwateringly juicy.  Mine was good but Bryan’s won the show.  He opted for the special steak of the night; the bone-in filet mignon (have you ever heard of that) with a porcini crust and 50 year aged balsamic.  He declared it to be the best steak of his life.  We ordered the brussel sprouts with bacon for our accompaniment.

My 10 oz sliced filet.
My 10 oz sliced filet.
Bryan's 16 oz bone-in filet.
Bryan’s 16 oz bone-in filet.

Then to seal the deal, for dessert they brought us out a duo to share with “Happy Anniversary” written on it and coffee. Both the flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and the light cheesecake with mixed berries were dynamite!

So sweet!
So sweet!

I seriously passed out after dinner and was quite regretting the wine intake at this morning’s early circuit training class.  Yeah, not really 😉


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