Chelsea Lately

  • I’ve revised my wardrobe to wearing a lot more skirts and dresses because I’ve just been too hot to wear pants (particularly home from work)
  • Completely obsessed with True Detective on HBO and can’t wait to start in on the 2nd season but also now don’t ever want to go to Louisiana
  • Love my new running shoes that weremuch needed for some time

    Mizuno running shoes in hot pink!
    Mizuno running shoes in hot pink!
  • Am excited to have so many visitors in the next two months
  • Have had a focus on getting my hair and scalp healthy and oomfing my wavy hair…just invested in some new Say Yes to Carrots and Ouidad products to do just that and have already cleared up my flaking and itchiness by about 50% with just one wash
  • Have been on a baking spree, which more often comes during the long and dark winter months but not this time (this week I used our stale and crusty half of a French bread loaf to make a rum raisin bread pudding with a rum sauce)
  • Tried my hand at making shrimp cakes which came out pretty darn delicious paired with some leftoversriracha mayo,broccollini and roasted potatoes

    Surprisingly easy and good!
    Surprisingly easy and good!
  • Picked up tacos from a truck and enjoyed those on the shores of Lake Washington with Rainier views after work on Monday with Bryan
  • Watched Four Weddings and a Funeral which revealed that Bryan certainly likes romantic movies more than me
  • Have been slowly making my way through Unbroken which is a really well written book!
  • Bryan made me a great dinner from our Jamaican cooking class…seriously great dinner of thecallaloo (pork, crab and coconut stew) and a wet jerk marinade for chicken and pineapplekabobs

    Bryan in the kitchen!
    Bryan in the kitchen!
  • Bryan and I made dinner together on Friday night of chicken and garlic tortellini with more grilled chicken, kale, zucchini and my favorite alfredo sauce plus a gorgeous antipasti platter and bottle of wine
  • Sad that the Daily Show is no longer with Jon Stewart
  • Really want to learn how to go crabbing
  • Went sailing all day Sunday from Shilshole to the Seattle skyline and back with a few friends, a picnic lunch and someone who really loved to take pictures of us…had no wind in the morning and perfect wind in the afternoon
  • Bryan got me flowers this weekend…lillies that are now blooming
  • I picked an insane bunch of blackberries from behind our house

    So many blackberries!!
    So many blackberries!!




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