Marching On…

Oh March…one day of rain, one day of sun, one weekend of dreariness, one weekend of brilliance.  Is it too hard to ask you to be consistent?  Regardless, the last week of March has come and passed and we are moving onto April and into Madre’s visit at our place.  So exciting!!!  But let’s not forget that last week of March…

I organized a dinner at Ivar’s for their annual Birthday Dinner.  Ivar’s turns 110 this year so Bryan and I, along with Carina and Luis and Sara and Philipp dined at the Salmon House on North Lake Union for buy one entree get second entree for $1.10 (essentially free or $25 off depending on how you look at it).  It was also Tuesday and that means half priced bottles of wine.  We were seated next to the amazing table that Bryan and I snagged last year and had another great view of Lake Union and the city.  The cornbread muffins and my selection of grilled coho with papaya ginger vinaigrette and a 6oz top sirloin with horseradish butter was oh so good.  So were our company and the local Washington wine.

Surf and turf #1 for the week.  Loved the salmon and the company.
Surf and turf #1 for the week. Loved the salmon and the company and the view.

Wednesday Bryan and I had our third play of our Seattle Rep package and this time it was for The Comparables.  This one was a comic relief and drama about women in the work force, a story about three NYC real estate agents vying for business and respect in the city.  This one was only a 90 minute run time with no intermission and we again found it extremely entertaining and thought provoking.  Bryan and I actually opted out of our usual Yeti yogurt post play.  It’s also Polly’s birthday!

Great play!
Great play!

Bryan’s fourth week in a row at FareStart and this time for Sullivan’s Steakhouse which was freaking phenomenal.  We were lucky enough to have a chicken roulade salad to start, a surf and turf of filet mignon with bordealaise sauce and sea bass with bok choy for our entree and some amazing warm nutella banana bread pudding with a chocolate espresso sauce and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  Oh boy oh boy.

Did someone say filet mignon?
Did someone say filet mignon?
Nutella banana bread pudding...um yeah
Nutella banana bread pudding…um yeah

Friday was a beautiful day offering an end-of-week run outside after work and then Bryan and I headed to Ballard for a waterside dinner with Billy and Valerie to celebrate his new promotion to a manager position (which will also keep him in Renton).  I had fish and chips and managed conversation, somewhat, while watching the MSU basketball game.

My fish and chips.
My fish and chips.
The Sound.
The Sound.

Saturday night after a day of work at the office, shopping for Polly’s present at REI, and baking her chocolate cherry covered birthday cake, we went out to celebrate Polly’s birthday.  We finally got to try the seasonal Smash Putt, an indoor mini golf with crazy contraptions and drinking involved and it was so, so fun!  Also, this year the event was held just a 1/2 mile walk from our house so post putt putt we all went to Central Cinema for more drinks, food, and Polly’s birthday cake that our gracious waiter cut and served for us after singing.

Polly's cake.
Polly’s cake.
Smash Putt!!!
Smash Putt!!!

Sunday was a great low-key kind of day.  We made it to church on time then picked of Vostok russian dumplings to take home to watch the 2nd half of the MSU victory over Louisville.  The chicken and pork dumplings in their spicy KGB sauce topped with grilled onions and candied bacon were bomb, plus rye bread and red cabbage salad.  We were stuffed and the outcome of the game was also nice.  After the win and digestion I went for a run, cleaned up, and then found out our small group was canceled for the evening.  So our new plans were to go get my engagement ring (which I love!!!!), grocery shop, make chicken tortilla soup, talk to the parents and then watch a few episodes of House of Cards.  Like I said, great Sunday!!!

Oh heavenly taste and ultimate comfort!
Oh heavenly taste and ultimate comfort!

Monday and Tuesday were long hour days at work in order to flex time while Mom is here.  But they did feature Bryan’s first ever pita pizza, our first time the meal delivery service called Munchery (which was really good of Jamaican jerk salmon with roast sweet potatoes and coconut braised collard greens), and my usual weekly barre class.  And now I am ready for Mom’s visit!!!!!!!!!!


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