Mom’s Here!!

What did we do with Mamasita while she was here visiting Seattle?…(pictures to follow from Mom’s phone)


Mom arrived safe and sound in Seattle, made her way to the light rail, and rode into downtown to meet me just around noon at the University Street Station.  After hugs we set out for lunch at Pike Market.  We went to Agave Street Food nestled in the market for two tacos for us each.  These stuffed tacos were deliciously mounded with well-seasoned meat and topped with cilantro, onion, and shredded pineapple and spicy salsa.  We demolished these before walking through downtown and towards Capitol Hill to the newly opened Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room.  Mom and I tasted samples, toured the facility briefly, and then found us two seats at the main coffee bar.  We ordered the tasting duo of the Reserve-Only Pangean (?) blend; tasting the differences between the pour-over and Centex brewing method.  Mom and I then talked wedding venues and chatted until we were thoroughly caffeinated.

Al pastor tacos at Agave
Al pastor tacos at Agave

We walked back out in the sunshine and continued to make our way up and over Capitol Hill to our house in Madison Valley.  I showed Mom around our house, sampled some of the banana bread I had made and then talked some more until Mom needed a quick cat nap.  Bryan got home, we caught up with him, and then we set to making dinner at home.  Pork loin with Vietnamese roasted brussel sprouts and roasted potatoes with a bottle of wine was more than enough to fuel a long dinner conversation and get us nice and full.  By that time it was nearly 11pm and we all only managed to stay awake for a little while longer on the couch before heading to bed.


Mom had a morning and afternoon to herself while I was forced to work one more full day this week.  While we  were at work Mom did a little work herself at our house.  She then walked to the Arboretum, ran a modest 6 mile run around the Arboretum, and returned home to shower.  After that she made her way to downtown and downhill via Pronto bikeshare to Veggie Grill to try it for herself.  I think she enjoyed her Thai chicken salad and sweet potato fries that she ordered.  She did some shopping on her own before I met her to head to FareStart for the night.  Mom was volunteering with Bryan and I and my FareStart friends for a fun night from the chef from Chinoise Cafe in Issaquah.  Mom was lucky enough to be food running with Bryan and I, which made us quite the team.  For over three hours we ran the trays of food to diners before getting to sit down at the community table for our own dinner of delicious pork spring rolls with lettuce wraps, an interesting sweet and sour soup, salmon over broken rice with a chile tomato chutney, and finally coconut caramel custard and a devil’s food cake with caramel buttercream for dessert.  We left tired, stuffed, and feeling good, getting home around 11pm.


Mom and I had big plans for the day but I first had to work a few hours and attend a meeting at the office.  We took the car-share service, Car2Go, to get downtown.  We got coffee and Top Pot doughnuts while Mom worked and reviewed wedding items.  Around 11am I was finished and we picked up another Car2Go to get to Ballard to Porkchop and Co. for a delicious brunch.  Mom and I split the scrambled special of eggs, cheese, kale, and asparagus and the hash of the week with potatoes, rapini, peppers, and roasted pork topped with an egg.  Both dishes were filling and full of flavor and we cleaned them up while talking over wedding details and looking through the wedding look book.

After lunch we took our last Car2Go to our first wedding dress appointment at Calla Bridal in Green Lake.  There were several beautiful dresses to try on and Polly was able to join us.  There were a few favorites but we continued on to the next destination; a consignment bridal shop called Blue Sky Bridal.  There I tried on a few more dresses and learned even more of what I did and did not want.  No favorites here.  Moving on to our last spot; The Dress Theory.  Immediately upon seeing the dresses I knew this place had my style.  They were romantic, flowy, soft, comfortable.  I tried on several more with a very nice gal and my two audience members snapping pictures.  There were two that I definitely loved and plan on going to see again in the near future.

Feeling rather accomplished we moved onto Ravenna to pick up some caffeine at Starbucks and then on to our mani-pedi appointments at my favorite Savvy Nails.  We all got pampered and purdied up and it really was a great way to end the afternoon.  Polly drove us back to the house where Bryan returned home at just about the same time.  Friday night we walked to our neighborhood bar, The Neighbor Lady.  We all ordered food and finally were lucky enough to get a table and sofa to chat and eat at the end of the long week.  I ordered the fresh catch plate with steelhead salmon, parsnip and pear puree, and cauliflower and asparagus.  It was excellent and I even got to steel bites of sweet potato fries and curly fries.  We had some great, serious conversation, before heading home to slumber.


An early morning wake-up call got us out the door just around 7 am.  We were heading out to attempt to hike Granite Mountain off of I-90.  The sun was out in Seattle and we were looking forward to a good day.  We stopped in North Bend for McDonald’s breakfast and then were shortly at the trailhead debating the attempt as the skies had clouded over and there was even some mist and drizzle.  We decided to try it and set out on the trail around 8:30am.  We hiked a good hour and a half before the snow cover, falling snow, and foggy skies turned us around.  We had climbed over 2000 feet before we turned around, and although bummed the decision we made was wise.  We got back to the car at 11:45am and had plenty of time before the Final Four games were to begin.  We showed Mom Lake Washington Boulevard and the cherry blossom trees before heading back to the house, showering and changing into our green.

We headed to Pioneer Square and the stadium district to a newer sports bar called Quality Athletics.  We were so excited for the game but neither the beers nor the food could comfort us in the loss for MSU to the annoying Duke team.  We did enjoy the fried brussel sprouts and the huge platter of french fries with aioli and myself a Porter.  We ran into Chad’s friend Jordan who returned Chad’s present to us.  We then strolled along the waterfront all the way to Belltown to our favorite Thai restaurant in the city; TI22.  The three of us shared our usual pad kee mao, panang curry, and a new dish of beef and mushrooms.  All three were great and all three were demolished.  We headed back through downtown and decided to stop at the Yard House to watch the conclusion of the Wisconsin vs. Kentucky game.  Go Big Ten!  A decent walk later we were back at the Jeep and then back home.


I think this was the day I was looking forward to the most; not because it was Mom’s last day but because I was looking forward to a relaxing day spent eating and enjoying one another and friends.  All three of us hurried to make the 9am Easter Sunday service at our church.  It was a great service and a beautiful morning.  Short and sweet and back home around 10:30 to do a few chores and do a quick shopping trip.  The three of us then walked the 1/2 mile to Harvest Vine for Easter brunch.  Our group of three ordered:  2 huevos flamenco, 1 lamb meatballs, 1 tostado con tomato, 1 soft scrambled eggs with mushrooms, 2 light vanilla buns, and three Caffe Vita coffees.  Nothing was left on the plates and every bite was delicious.  We so love this place and the environment really just makes it amazing.

We shopped around Madison Valley briefly before heading home.  I popped the ham in the oven and then Mom and I went for a run in the Arboretum while Bryan rowed.  After showering, cleaning, and vacuuming we were ready for our Easter dinner guests to arrive.  Philipp, Sara, Luis, Carina, Jeff, and later Polly all joined us.  I made the glazed 9 lb ham, along with Mom’s mashed red skin potatoes, roasted asparagus with parmesan bread crumbs, Philipp’s goat cheese and almond salad, and Jeff’s bread plus a few bottles of wine.  We had plenty of food and it all came out good.  Just as Polly arrived we broke out dessert of strawberries and homemade whipped cream, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and Hershey’s syrup.  We spent several hours talking and eating and really enjoying one another’s company.  Clean up lasted until just before 11 and we had to say our last “Goodnights”.


We all woke up extra early and Bryan drove us to the airport.  We said farewell to Mom and then Bryan drove me to the light rail station to head into work, sad to have my mom no longer visiting us.  And with one night before our new guests arrived we had leftovers of ham, pork, asparagus, and a rice pilaf, watched some of the NCAA championship game, and washed the sheets to remake the bed.

New guests arrived yesterday!


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