ABCs of PE Prep

I want this!!
I want this!!
  1. Situate yourself with plenty of coffee, a blanket and a space heater
  2. Mentally prepare for the exam
  3. Do a few prayers and motivation exercises
  4. And then find anything and everything else to do
  5. Garden
  6. Run
  7. Clean (actually, no cleaning)
  8. Laundry (but just leave it in the dryer for a week)
  9. Cook (or just pick up food every night of the week)
  10. Read (but not PE material, I’m referring to a leisure book, and a 600 page one at that)
  11. Start the Game of Thrones Season 3 and House of Cards Season 2
  12. Start a cooking course
  13. Buy a basketball
  14. Do crossword puzzles
  15. Volunteer
  16. Enjoy Seattle Restaurant Week
  17. Host happy hours
  18. Then sit down to study for 10 hours on what should be your “lazy” Sunday
  19. Do four different practice exams
  20. Lug all of your books to the exam (this would be your Steel Manual, Concrete Manual, International Building Code, ASCE Design Loads, Masonry Manual, Wood Manual, PE Reference Book, and notebook created over the past month)
  21. Pack water, coffee and snacks
  22. Take a breather before the 8 hours of misery begins and read and sun on your balcony
  23. Enjoy the test and hope you never have to take it again!!


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