Chelsea Lately

It’s a new year, there are new trends…and old but what I’m loving lately is:

  • Hummus is back…daily.  I bought three Sabra’s at one time in a state of hunger and longing.
  • My Benefit Smoky Eye Kit is so great.
  • Those Vera Bradley hair bands I love.
  • Black nail polish continues.
  • Crockpot forever.
  • Homemade pita forever more.
  • Black leather gloves from Christmas present a long time ago.
  • Those dang H&M fleeces.
  • Yoplait Boston Cream Pie flavor.
  • Banana bread.
  • Blue and green 🙂
  • The #12 🙂
  • Beets; red, yellow, purple, all kinds.
  • In a Thai kick.
  • It’s freezing out.
  • Curler > Straightener.
  • Searching for a new house to live in.


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