Final salsa class…we are no longer “beginners” = FUN

Stop at Home Remedy for Tom Douglas delicacies = DELICIOUS!!

Seahawks celebratory parade = EXCITING

Free yoga with the roommates = NEEDED

Getting asked to move by April 1st = ANNOYING (but still not definite)

Documentary night with fourteen others to watch Inequality for All = INTERESTING

Race to Menchies for free frozen yogurt day after documentary night = EXHILIARTING

Volunteering my kitchen prep skills for a few hours on Saturday at FareStart = PROUDFUL

Hot yoga after a large lunch = NAUSEATING

Thai food at my company’s staff meeting = GRATEFUL

Take and bake pizza on a snowy night in Seattle to watch the Winter Olympics = JOYFUL

Finding out Washington never received my PE Application = AGGRAVATING

Homemade dinner of spiced chicken, roasted potatoes, parmesan broccoli, and sourdough bread pudding with the boy’s joint effort = FILLING


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