Confessions of a Shopaholic Continued

I’ve been busy.  Having to replace my lost bag, with a birthday, and just with the turning of seasons I have been hard at work getting new things!  🙂

  1. Chic jeggings in navy…because none of my other navy pants fit anymore and I like comfort. jeggings
  2. White camisole because you can never have too many.camisole
  3. Green fleece jacket because I like the black one so much and they are only $30 from H&M.H&M jacket
  4. Lace up army boots because everyone is wearing them these days.boots
  5. White cross bracelet because I thought it looked really cute.bracelet
  6. Awesome Rossignol S3 skis because they are the women’s versions of Bryan’s, I like the look, and I know they are good ones.skis
  7. Salomon ski bindings because the silver match my boots and my new skis and they are the right style for my ability.bindings
  8. Marc Jacobs wallet…because I reallyyyyyyyyy needed a new wallet!wallet


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