Essentials List

These are my current Top Ten Must Haves in my life right now:

  1. Thermos:  This baby keeps drinks warm for hours days.  No joke.  I can fill up with coffee in the morning and it will still be hot, not warm, hot, at the end of the day.  No more frequent trips to the kitchen at work to nuke my mug.  Savior!  thermos
  2. H&M Fleece:  I bought this fleece unnecessarily a few weeks ago for $25.  However, it is no longer unnecessary but very, very necessary.  I wear it almost ever day because it is so warm, flattering, and shaped slimming enough to wear under other jackets.  I even went back to get the forest green one I was tried on the first time just because I wear it so much.hm jacket
  3. Immersion Blender:  Ever since stealing Bryan’s immersion blender I am in love with that thing.  I find myself wondering what concoction I can whiz away at next.  So far I have made just two soups but will no doubt be making many more this winter.immersion blender
  4. Straightening Iron:  I don’t straighten my hair every day, or even every week, but this thing is a miracle worker.  It is now kept most often at my desk at work so that I can freshen up right before leaving work since I don’t find the time in the morning before work anymore.  Voila…beautiful!iron
  5. Towels:  These are not ordinary towels, these are towels that I keep stored in the seat of my scooter all of the time.  I cannot tell you how many times I have gone out to my scooter with rain (or dew) on my seat and wished I had something to dry the seat off with.  I have kept these handy towels accessible now for about a year and they are the best things ever.  I could also add my super baggy black UM water ski sweatpants that cover any skirt, pants, or dress when I ride my scooter to work.towels
  6. Slow Cooker:  It’s back…the season for slow cooking.  We broke it out for the chili for my birthday party and for the sandwiches for the Seahawks game.  With cold weather setting in and me wanting to host more weekday Seahawks game nights and such I see it being used quite often this winter.crockpot
  7. Library Card:  I honestly cannot believe it when people hear about my library uses and proclaim, “I need to get a library card.”  What?  You don’t already have one?  That was one of the first things that I got when I moved to Seattle and I think the Seattle Public Library system is flipping great!!  The collection is huge and you can place hold requests to deliver it to any of the library branches depending on where you live or work.  You can easily renew on their website.  And DVDs!!!!  You can rent so many old and new DVDs for free and have them checked out for 3 weeks.  Redbox can’t do that.  I don’t generally see the point of buying books unless they are demonstration books like cookbooks, gardening, traveling, etc.  Never have, never will…that pretty much goes with me and DVDs too.library card
  8. Twitter Account:  I am not a Tweeter.  I am also not a news follower.  I will say that right away.  But, my oh my, is Twitter a source of constant updates.  I use it to find out about all the cool and unique (and often free!) events that are going on in the city around me.  I use it to find out about restaurant openings, concerts, giveaways, and some news bits.  I could do without it…but my life would be more dull.twitter
  9. My TV:  I got this bad boy last March and ever since it has made me very happy.  It has made me so much more confident when hosting guests, not feeling insecure about my guests being able to watch Mad Men episodes, games, or movies.  It is enjoyable when I hang out with Bryan or the girls at night.  It is great to watch games on ABC, CBS, and Fox.  We can easily stream Hulu Plus and Netflix to it and watch many of our shows and movies.  It is also a focal point of that main living room and has brought people to that room, where people should be.  I love it…with or without cable.vizio
  10. Scooter:  Duh!  I’ve already explained its importance and absolutely freak out anytime anything at all happens to it.In its prime!


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