Fall Bucket List

With November already here I feel like fall is almost virtually over, which is so sad because I really love this season.  But alas, the sun is still out (at times), and it is still light out when I leave for work and come home, and the temperatures aren’t too chilly out.  But I have another list…a list of things I still need to do or try before this magical season is over:


  1. Get a pumpkin old fashioned doughnut from Top Pot (also conveniently sold from QFC)
  2. Walk/run through the Washington Arboretum to see all of the pretty fall colors (did do this past weekend)
  3. Get some pumpkin pancakes (IHOP will do)
  4. Drive to see larches (ever since my friends were talking about them I want to see these trees)
  5. Get a hot pumpernickel bagel with pumpkin cream cheese from Einstein Brothers Bagels
  6. Make a fall centerpiece
  7. Buy some holiday tea at the market
  8. Make pumpkin, banana, or zucchini bread (or bake something for crying out loud)


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