Are You Still Having Fun??

Oh yes, yes I am. Amidst the hectic schedule I have had of late at work and with moving I really feel like I have struck a balance. Granted, since Whistler I have needed more R&R time after work and on the weekend, I just make sure that I get my fill of it before heading out. Though, Bryan and I joke how we are getting old because I could have easily gone to bed around 9pm every night. Much has to do with waking up a little earlier for work but I have also managed to make a clean exit a little before 5pm a few days too.

Sunday was an example of having a great packed day of virtual nothingness. Not rushing to anything, not feeling like I HAD to do anything in particular, yet still accomplishing a lot. I went to yoga, the store, read the 2nd Hunger Games for awhile, packed for about 2 hours, sold my hookah, watched the sunset with Bryan, watched the Oscars, went out to a delicious dinner and then went to compline at St. Mark’s Cathedral and was still able to get 8 hours of sleep Saturday and Sunday night.

I got a Groupon for a gym around the corner from the office and tested out those waters Tuesday after work with a 5:30 yoga class and found out they have a tanning bed too in case I want to go once or twice before Mexico, and it is free to use with the Groupon. Not the fanciest gym but kind of makes me want to have access to one again. The yoga class was great and they had a steam room and sauna too. It was a 5 minute walk from the office. Got tickets and car rental squared away for Mexico too. Amy had Bryan, Dev and I over for jambalaya Wednesday and I picked up my new keys, Bryan left for NYC, UM beat Illinois for the first time at Illinois since 1995, and most all of my stuff is packed and ready for Saturday. I got a free lunch thanks to Groupon on Friday at a very subpar but close to the office Mediterranean restaurant called Mint Cafe. Not the best in the slightest but at least I got a taste of schwarma, hummus, tabbouli, and Greek salad that I haven’t in a long time…and did I mention for free? I have fun and relaxing weekend plans already set with moving Saturday followed by Girls Night Out in Queen Anne and then errands with Amy of going to the cobbler and getting our eyebrows done, picking up Bryan from the airport and he requested Slim’s Last Chance chili on the way back and watching The Help at my new place. Yeah new place! Can’t wait.

    And Likes (no Dislikes right now):

      Egg sandwiches (why is this always the case?)
      My Valentines truffles from padre from Fabianos (holy cow yum, best chocolates ever, still deciding my favorites Dad)
      Bryan massaging my feet 🙂 (I know you will like that one parentals)
      All the help offered by friends to move me
      The potential for getting a kitty at my new place (Bryan hates this idea and I don’t care)
      My new roommates (Anna and Marieke) and of course my new house (post with pictures promised when settled in)
      My crystal glass carrier my mama gave me
      This amazing combination I came up with for lunches this week of pasta, pesto, grilled chicken, asparagus and goat cheese, eaten hot or cold
      Oh, asparagus being on sale for $.99/lb everywhere these past two weeks. I don’t know why it is so cheap right now but I do know that I have bought 4lbs of the stuff and already finished that.
      Foodspotting.com…2nd best thing to Yelp
      Dine Around Seattle happening again in the month of March
      The quality length of time my nails have not chipped for
      Finishing off a jar of peanut butter and getting to open a new jar (always the best serving is the last one and the first one, right?)
      NPR on Sunday nights for their jazz…and that Bryan loves it too!


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