Working Away

Work has also been quite productive and things are actually getting crossed off of my list which is a great feeling. The only problem is that as quickly as I manage to eliminate items, items are added just as quickly. I am very pleased to have reached a concluding point with the SAFE model for the roof concrete slab (for 60% design at least, definitely not completely finished) and having submitted my first project using Google Sketchup. I know that project was not perfect but it was a whole lot of fun to create and learn from.

Phase 3 of the construction phasing for UW Station. Pretty elementary I know but still proud of it.

Work Tasks:

      Finish construction phases in Google Sketchup for David
      Create detail sheet for the base slab
      Insert section callouts for all Structural Plan sheets (on hold)
      Make sure SAFE model of lid slab passes Keith’s approval
      Update SAFE model of lid slab with appropriate placement of design strips (also updated the geometry per the architects specs and added beams to take on TOD loading on the lid)
      Send out sheet list for transition section at UW Station
      Detail weld connection for soldier pile wall for the Roosevelt Station
      Proceed with creating and updating details for transition section at UW Station
      Conclude design and analysis of SAP beam model for the utility tunnel at UW (FINALLY got the lateral analysis of the utility tunnel working after many trials. Unfortunately I think my comrad, Dan, is going to be headed to Vancouver for the next 9 months to work on a project there)


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