I do not know where the days go. Last week flew by being short, the weekend flew by being sweet, and this week is already flying by being…um, I don’t really know but it just is.

This past weekend included lots of festivals that you seriously had to pick and choose which ones interested you. I knew of three alone but I’m sure there were many more. Ashley and I went to the Greennotes festival on Friday after work to listen to some local acoustic music artists on the lawn at the Seattle Center. We both were beat though and managed only two bands before we headed to her house to fall asleep (lol) to the movie Fracture. Saturday I headed over to Kirkland for a dinner party of sorts with stunning views of Lake Washington and the tips of Seattle. Seattle does not look like a big city at all from Kirkland, such a difference from the views from the Fremont area or from the waterfront. It was a potluck and had the widest variety of foods I have ever seen but was fun. And on Sunday Ashley and I briefly visited the Ballard Seafoodfest, split crab cakes, tried samples, scanned the artist vendor tables before we went back to her place to make dinner for girls night. Dinner featured the Shrimp Oliver dish again which is really delicious, paired with a salad with Washington cherries that I brought, my sangria, and chocolate covered strawberries. It was a blast getting to know my two other new coworkers a little better and I have to say I shouldn’t judge super super shy people right away. The intern may not be the loudest, funniest, chattiest, but she can drink some sangria!

Two days done with work already this week and yesterday about 15 of us from the office (mostly the youngins) walked over to Pioneer Square to shoot some pool at the Temple Club right at 5pm. Ashley and I managed to play the entire time because somehow we kept being the winners of one of the two tables. I never had a break but I still got to talk with my coworkers, eat happy hour nibbles, and sample Seattle-made Manny’s beer. It was so much fun and I even nailed the last 8 ball in for the win.

    Other things:

      Our staff meetings are so much fun! They entail updates of what people are working on but are constantly interrupted by inside jokes and humor. Imagine about 30 people fitting into a conference room made for about 10, all elbow deep in amazing ribs, chicken, beans, coleslaw, and cornbread from Longhorn Barbecue.
      I average one nonproductive day for every two productive days and I feel like this is just going to be the trend for awhile. One day I usually need to learn a program, method, calculation, etc. and that day is so frustrating because I leave feeling like nothing was accomplished. But then those next two days seem to more than make up for it…like today.
      We have had some really pretty days recently with the average being about 75 and sunny.
      Ashley has sure influenced my diet to say the least. Being a Louisiana girl her diet consists mainly of seafood, butter, and carbs and dislikes all things green. Thus, I am not surprised that lately when I have been hanging with her I have found my meals to be rather unusual. Take for instance Friday night when we shared chicken nuggets and fries from McDonald’s before the acoustic music, followed by granola bars from my bag because we were too lazy to get other food while at the concert, followed by fudgsicles and starbursts while watching the movie. ??
      We both have been hooked on this new guy we heard playing on Friday called Brian Ellefson from Seattle who we say is a cross between Jack Johnson and Corey Smith.

    \"Hold\" by Brian Ellefson

      I once again had to order a new phone charger online. I love my phone, I hate the charger.
      My roommate and I have been averaging over a dozen eggs a week. Actually it is almost like 2 dozen which is absurd but between me eating them at all hours of the day and her and her boyfriends insane baking habits (like seriously insane) we blaze through them. I have also been eating corn tortillas like no other and peaches, berries, and bakery bread. For whatever reason I cannot stomach apples right now. Fun fact.
      I love wine shopping at Trader Joes. I needed one bottle for my sangria but after analyzing all of them on Saturday I still ended up with four bottles of all Spanish reds in my bag.
      So I have recently been really hooked on this show that has been on the History channel (I think) called “How the States Got Their Shapes”. It has provided me with all of this new interesting information on the culture of different states that I never knew before. I have watched three of the episodes so far and I might do a little many quiz on here from the different facts I have found interesting. I also think my grandparents NEED to watch it and am going to try to burn them if I can find them online for them.


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