Una Dia Perfecto

Yesterday was seriously the perfect summer day, I just had to write about it because it made me so happy. So, to start, we had an 80 degree day. Though truthfully it takes a while to get that hot in Seattle with hitting the high usually around 5pm or even later which is much different than I am used to in the Midwest. I commuted to work on my lovely scooter and parked right next to the office. I worked dilligently on my raker design (still!) all day with a break to eat lunch on the waterfront in the sun. I talked to my parents after work to catch up on things. I made my first real dinner last night. And I am not at all joking about this. I have eaten out a lot or at a friend’s or made quick meals that I don’t consider real meals. So my real meal was sweet summer perfection in all its glory. It contained all the main food groups: ketchup, barbecue sauce, and grill marks. I chatted with homegirl S back in Michigan for a long time. Then to top it off I went on a nice leisure bikeride to an area I hadn’t been yet called Greenwood with a detour through Woodland Park Zoo. I managed to keep it very level during the 4 mile round trip and am still delighted at the lack of bugs outside. This was actually a fantastic bike ride because I not only managed to stay away from the hills but I was also riding on the tiptop of a hill with it sloping down to the West towards the coast of Ballard with the mountains looming in the distance and sloping down East towards Greenlake and the valley of East Seattle. Stunning! Cooled down with a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone (the new Breyers Blast flavors are legit!) and went to bed smiling!

The sweetest snap peas picked from your own garden make a great appetizer while grilling outside!

I just had to photograph my attempts at cooking a beautifully summery meal.


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