February Frenzy

This happens every year…February flies by with a blink of an eye it seems. It’s a short month I know but there is something about this month that just always makes it go so quickly. I haven’t updated much of the general hubbub with talking about the girls recently but actually rather a lot has been going on in just this short month alone:

  • Had friends Georgie and family over for dinner
  • Had friends Marika and Randy over for dinner
  • Had Lottie and Sarah over for a playdate
  • Picked up Clara from school for a weeknight playdate
  • Had a school social outing at Central Cinema for Cartoon Happy Hour with 14 of Reese’s classmates and families
  • Got my hair cut and highlighted, which as Bryan knows, is an all day affair
  • Went to Bluey’s Big Play at the Paramount Theater
  • Watched the Super Bowl downtown at The Victor Tavern with friends
  • Dined at Elysian Brewing as a family
  • Had an overnight staycation at the W Hotel for one night as a mystery shop
  • Continue gymnastics on Saturdays
  • Had Luis and Carina over for an impromptu dinner
  • I had a two night work trip to Coeur D’Alene for the regional kickoff meeting
  • Reese and Bryan are currently visiting Lon and Trish in Arizona for three nights while Reese has two days off of school and to let me continue studying now that I am less than two months away from my big test

A lot has been going on, this is on top of school, Valentine’s Day, nanny share drama (which is now going smoothly and positively), touring elementary schools, interviewing with daycare centers, oh yeah, and work…

My work trip was short and sweet and only a short 45 minute flight away but it was a good trip for me. I got to connect further with my new supervisor and had my first annual review with him, which is only semi-meaningful since I have only really been contributing my work efforts in the past two months or so. I got to put faces to names of all of the district and branch managers for the Northwest Region. These are the people that I will be working with and talking to frequently so it is equally good that they can put a face to my name as well. Especially as I was the sole female in the group of 30-35 people. Between that and being in the same conference room for over 24 hours I was actually desperate to get back to the chaos and frenzy at the home life. I have one more two night work trip in Vegas mid-March and then pretty much done with work travels for the year, more or less.

Bryan and I continue to work well as a team in drop offs, pick ups, bedtimes, cleaning up around the house, etc. The girls are very cute with one another and Brooke is at ease with either of us. Interestingly though I think she misses Reese most of all when Reese is at school or this time while Reese is in Arizona.

The next season is upon us, the birthday party season. I think we have four birthday parties to attend over the span of two weekends. We also have a ski trip coming up and then that ever-looming exam. Bring it on!


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