Brooke’s 7 Months!

Brooke hit 7 months at the tail end of our Michigan visit and we celebrated her birthday this past weekend with 7 month waffles. And thanks to us being behind schedule (still from February’s Covid) we just visited the doctor’s office on Monday to get 6 month vaccines and have our well child visit. The doctor remarked that she looks so happy and healthy, is vocal and strong, and predicts an early walker. Brooke is usually all smiles and makes lots of cute sounds.

  • Brooke’s favorite activity is walking around with the assistance of our hands. She loves to explore and lead the way. This may not be our favorite activity on our backs.
  • She still loves water and her bath time. She beelines to the bath tub once I have her undressed and it’s so funny.
  • There is nothing much this girl doesn’t like at meal time. She has just discovered being able to blow or spit so sometimes the food comes right back at me but all for play and not for distaste. I am actually super impressed with her ability to pick up small objects and bring them to her mouth to eat. I feel like Reese was a full fist eater for her full first year.
  • Brooke still loves to watch kids and her sister at the playground and riding the scooter but she also wants in on the action. She loves the baby swing and if there is any sort of water fountain or spray she’s all in.
  • She is starting to reach further for things and rolls back to front and back without issue. I see crawling in her near future but just not sure how soon.
  • She’s still sleeping with us as we didn’t want to transition her with trips ahead of us and now her vaccines but hoping to get her in her own crib soon.
  • Per her doctor’s visit this week she is in the 7% for weight and 60% for height and looks super healthy.
  • She’s gotten quite ticklish and you can usually get some good laughs out of her.
  • She’s the most vocal pooper that I know.
  • She still gets an insane amount of comments about her eyes.


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