Due Date

We’ve reached and now passed our theoretical due date which was Monday, 11/29/21. I’m not surprised and feel like no one should be really with Reese coming two weeks past her due date but I’m also keen not to go the full two weeks past my due date this time around. I’m still patiently waiting and letting nature run its course for now but its the strangest feeling wondering when and where it will happen!

Picture from a week ago

While we have been waiting, we had a nice low key long weekend at home over Thanksgiving. We had pretty much four straight days of drizzly dreary weather and spent the majority of the weekend at home. We did go over to our friend’s house on Thursday for the big dinner and that was enjoyable, delicious, and most importantly hassle-free for me in terms of preparations of the actual dinner. There were five adults and one Reese and she really did quite well sitting at the table with the adults and entertaining herself and others while we were with our friends. For dinner we had the necessities and they were all well executed: heritage turkey with caramelized onions, green bean casserole, cornbread muffins, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and a delicata squash, feta and candied pecan salad. The dessert, featuring a chocolate pecan pie and a bourbon “pumpkin” pie with fresh whipped cream and Washington Dairy pumpkin ice cream, were some of the best pies I have had ever!

Thanksgiving dinner

After the big meal, on Friday morning, we decided to use the break in the rain to get our Christmas tree from City People’s down the street. Bryan is great at picking out the perfect tree and we brought home a brilliant 6-7′ noble fir and a wreath. The whole event took no time at all. We got the lights strung on the tree Friday afternoon before having Lottie and Sarah over for homemade beef stroganoff and apple pie a la mode. The girls played so well together and it was nice to have some more company on an otherwise quiet day.

Saturday and Sunday were again quiet and rainy and spent indoors doing both holiday activities, enjoying lots of cuddles, and Bryan tackled a lot of items around the house. But first, we had the Michigan vs. Ohio State game to watch and what a game! Michigan came out actually pumped and prepared and with a lot to prove and it was wonderful to see. Even if they hadn’t won I would have been proud of their playing. Fortunately we got the victory, the first in ten years time! Throughout the game Reese and I put up decorations on the tree and Reese really enjoyed doing this (so much so that she wanted to take them off and put them back on on Sunday, which we did not do). We needed to get out of the house Saturday evening so we decided to use our BOGO dinner at Eastlake Bar and Grill. We were essentially the sole table in the entire dining room (a few parties in the bar) so it felt like we had the restaurant to ourselves. We had a great meal and got to watch a little more football.

Reese broke out her train set this weekend

Sunday was more playtime and things around the house but Reese and I did take her scooter out for a spin to walk and get Lowrider Cookies after her long nap. Reese enjoyed her cookie sitting outside with me at the cookie counter and we brought Bryan one home. Bryan helped Sarah and Lottie get their tree, which was eventful enough for his day, and we had homemade mole chicken enchiladas for dinner to round out our long weekend.

Quick cookie run (I mean scoot)

Being that Monday was our due date, Bryan came with me to my midwives appointment. There was nothing really big to report from the appointment but we left knowing that we would keep patiently waiting, at least until next Monday, before deciding anything else. We got to hear baby on the non-stress test and baby was sounding alert and active. Since we weren’t presented with baby yet, Bryan and I took one last opportunity to go out for a date night dinner. This time we walked down the street to sit at the bar counter at Harvest Vine. We had another amazing meal of their roasted cauliflower with salsa verde, sea bass with peppers and crispy jamon, and the now famous cuttlefish with aioli and squid ink fideo pasta. We also had bread, some complimentary serrano ham from the kitchen and I stole a few sips of Bryan’s wine. We talked more about names, although still not settled on a boys name so it could be anyone’s guess.

Due date dinner date at Harvest Vine

And taking advantage of slow days at work and still waiting for baby we ventured south to our friend’s new house in Kent for dinner at their house and to enjoy their company. We picked up Reese early and arrived just in time to see their yard before it was too dark. We got a tour of the new house and Reese had a blast playing with their two girls. We had a fabulous meal and good entertainment with a full on dress up show by the three girls during dinner. We didn’t leave until nearly 9 pm but somehow Reese stayed awake the whole ride home.

Three Annas from Frozen

We have zero plans now these next several days so just still waiting and seeing…I give Reese a big hug every morning when I drop her off at school and have been prepping her that it could be mommy and daddy picking her up or she might get lucky and get to go over to Lottie’s house. Time will tell…but if there is any better sign, my one and only pair of maternity jeans ripped through the crouch pretty good last night and are now in the trash.


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