We Keep Trucking

The past three weeks I have felt like we are just trucking through. I don’t know why that has been the case necessarily and it doesn’t mean that it has been altogether bad either, nor that the time as gone quickly or slowly. Since our guests (Lon and Trish) left we’ve had cooler temps that have made it feel like fall and have gone through a few changes…

  • Bryan and I are now back to working from home as the cases keep rising, including the first positive case in my company’s Seattle office while I was present in the office (I got a test afterwards and it was negative).
  • Lottie has been away in New York and so Reese has been going through Lottie withdrawals. Fortunately, she is handling it quite well and is befriending Georgie and Vivienne at school as well as seems to be on a mission to play with kids at playgrounds these days. We have also had a park date after school with both Harold and Georgie on separate occasions as well as we just had a bounce house playdate with Harold, Georgie, Vivienne and Lily in the backyard that was fun for both the kids and the parents alike. Reese LOVES having her friends over
  • Reese had a bit of a cold for about a week which meant that she was not sleeping in like she had been gloriously for weeks. We were instead getting up before 7 am (as early as 6) which is a full hour earlier than she had been sleeping just a week before that. We are starting to get back on track…at least until we switch over to EST.
  • We had Reese’s three year well check up at the doctor’s office last Monday. I now realize that Reese’s rambunctious behavior at the doctor’s was her way of expressing her nervousness. This I confirmed with her was the case after the fact. After about 30 minutes of her bouncing off the walls we left with no shots, a clean bill of health, and an increase in weight to the 20th percentile while a slight decrease in height to the 16th percentile. We think she is gearing up for a growth spurt here soon.
  • We have gone on our first overnight camping trip with Reese and it was a success, albeit exhausting at times. Reese did well sleeping in the tent and of course does not mind getting a bit dirty.
  • This week Bryan is back in Charleston which means Reese and I are left to our own endeavors. So we spent the week by playing at the park for a long time on Monday and Wednesday, went to Southcenter Mall on Tuesday to have a dumpling date at Din Tai Fung and then drive the mini cars around the mall for 30 minutes (we didn’t get home until 9 pm), and then had that bounce house playdate in our backyard on Thursday that I mentioned previously. It was a rather eventful week and I just feel relieved that I got her in a bath on Thursday night.
  • I’ve made progress in the new nursery, getting the crib back up (with Bryan’s help), assembling the new daybed, and putting up the custom curtain/room divider that we got. I’m still waiting on IKEA for them to have the dresser/diaper changing table back in stock that has been out of stock for forever now and then will have to make another trip down there when it is back in stock. So far I like how the room is coming together.
  • I have my second cross-stitch project (of the three) finished and will wait until probably my last month to start on the third. Since finishing this one I’ve started picking up some books again to continue my newfound interest in reading. Unfortunately I was not able to attend my monthly book club that was held this week with Bryan being gone but have thoroughly enjoyed A Walk in the Woods which at times have had me laughing out loud…but also makes me want (but also not want) to go hike the full length of the Appalachian Trail.
  • Monday will be the beginning of my 7th month and 3rd trimester and I am ready for it! I have still been feeling good although I get full quickly, am starting to get more winded and slower on walks, and at times I have discomfort just with the increasing belly size and round ligament pain. Oh, and having to go to the bathroom often!
  • Reese’s three friends at school have no officially left Mother’s Place but Reese seems alright. Her friends from the Toddlers Room are moving up this week and when we get back from Michigan it will be the start to the “school year”, but unfortunately they will have to start wearing masks. I’m glad its the teachers who have to deal with the masks and not me but it also is troubling because I just don’t know when the end will be for the kids in having to wear masks. Still no word on when to expect a vaccine for kids under 12 years 😦

Bryan gets back tonight and Reese and I both are so ready for him home. Tomorrow we will be back on a plane to Michigan. I’m not looking forward to the lengthy day of travel (flight plus 3 hour drive north to the cottage with Reese) but I will be so glad to be there when I get there!


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