Didn’t See That E.R. Trip Coming…

Yup, you read the title right. The three of us did make a trip to the E.R. this past weekend, but I’ll get to that in just a bit…

Last week went by in a flash, we went to the park, we had great weather (including our first sprinkles in six weeks), we had Lottie and Sarah over for enchiladas, and then we had the eventful weekend. I got my haircut on Friday (too short I might add) and then Bryan and I readied ourselves for the wedding we were attending before picking up Reese. Being our anniversary, I was also presented with new earrings to wear to the wedding, the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, and chocolate and caramel covered pretzels from my love. The weekend started off to a great start!

My beautiful flowers

We picked up Reese from school and headed to the Kirkland Marina at Carillon Point where the wedding was taking place and got Reese party ready in her twirly dress and a refreshed hairdo. The wedding ceremony started at 5:30 pm and was held outside overlooking the lake under tents. It was extremely comfortable and beautiful and the ceremony itself was really well done by the officiant. Reese and Eliana sat next to us and both girls did well through the most difficult part of the wedding. The wedding ended fairly quickly and we were all ready to let loose. The cocktail hour was held outside on the lawn while the catering staff converted the outdoor tent from ceremony to table settings and we enjoyed drinks and snacks while chasing around Reese and catching up with friends. We were finally seated for dinner and what an exceptional dinner it was! The salad alone was picture worthy but I didn’t snap any photos. Reese’s kids meal was presented ahead of our meals and I was starting to worry that there was no way either of us was going to be able to eat our meals in peace. However, Eliana had a babysitter for the night (two actually) and the sitters watched the girls as they played with each other on the lawn while us parents could eat our meals; short ribs with polenta and roasted carrots and salmon with the most decadent crab mac and cheese. This was an amazing surprise!

After dinner we gathered Reese and headed inside to watch the cake cutting and the first dances and Reese marveled at Kati’s beautiful white dress. We hit the dance floor and Reese took a few breaks early on to enjoy her slice of cake but otherwise she remained on the dance floor until 10 pm. The girl is a party animal and had so many of the wedding guests trying to give her high fives and laughing at her dance moves and running circles around everyone. We decided that Reese wasn’t going to make it much longer and Bryan was starting to feel his back hurting (with all the lifting and twirling of Reese on the dance floor) so we set back home. Reese was easy to put to bed and we tried to get to bed right after her. However, after getting to bed after midnight, Bryan wakes me up at about 1:30 am in an immense amount of pain from his back and stomach troubles. He’s obviously not doing good and not able to fall asleep and so I ask him to go to the E.R. We try to call for an Uber to take him there so we don’t have to wake Reese but the Uber driver canceled the trip (understandably so) so I got Reese into the car without stirring too much and we drive Bryan to the E.R. I drop him off so that I can get Reese back into bed but then have difficulties myself falling asleep as I’m worried and anxious about what is going on with Bryan. Bryan gets an Uber back to the house around 4:30 am and I let him. His vitals were checked out okay so he had to wait too long to see an actual doctor and started feeling some better so he decided to come home and schedule a doctor’s appointment for the next day. We all try getting back to sleep for what sleep we can get and I’m just relieved that he’s no longer doubled over in pain.

So Saturday morning starts and I’m not ready for it to start really. I let Bryan get as much sleep as he can and then let him rest all day while I take Reese to my company’s picnic at Magnusson Park. It ended up being a very cool and windy morning to start but eventually got nice and Reese had a great time playing with the other kids in the water, eating a boatload of clementines, cookies and cupcakes, taking a break at the park for about an hour, and then coming back and getting her hands painted and playing cornhole. I couldn’t get her to leave until about 4 pm, after over 4 hours of being there, which I was not expecting and so her sole nap on Saturday was the 30 minute car ride home (not what I needed on this particular day). We got home and Bryan is still resting but was prescribed some muscle relaxers for his back. These apparently worked well but taking one meant he was down and out for the count for a good 12 hours. Bryan did a lot of sleeping this weekend! We spent the rest of the night playing at home and watching a movie.

Reese throwing rocks with my coworker’s daughter at the company picnic

Bryan was starting to feel some better on Sunday but still immensely drowsy from the muscle relaxers. He held off on taking one until we walked over to Lottie’s for the morning to spend her birthday with her. Sarah picked us up some pastries from Bakery Nouveau and we sang happy birthday to her and gave her a balloon from the store. The girls then tried out Lottie’s new balance bike and scooter outside on the sidewalk while Bryan was able to help Sarah finish putting together Lottie’s new doll house that is at least 4′ tall. We headed home for nap time and Reese gave me a good nap time this time. Afterwards, we let Bryan get some more rest and I took Reese to a playground to play for a while and then picked up burgers from Red Robin thanks to a mystery shop. I was relieved the weekend was over as it was not the most relaxing weekend for me but I was more relieved that come Monday morning Bryan was much improved and more or less back to himself. We didn’t get to go to Training Camp for the Seahawks but otherwise we still did a bunch of stuff just not with daddy and we missed him!

This week has been busy at work but also busy trying to get things cleaned up around the house and ready for the party this upcoming weekend and the visit with Lon and Trish. I feel much better about the status of the house and was finally able to get our carpets cleaned. We are expecting another heat wave and it already feels too hot for me so we might be spending some time at the splash parks or Lon and Trish’s hotel room lol.

Playing in the splash pad, might be doing more of this during this heat wave


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