A Memorable Weekend

What a great Memorial Day Weekend. If I wasn’t to think about what year it is or what the past year has been like, I would have said it was a completely normal Memorial Day Weekend; one filled with friends, grilling, and nice weather. I honestly felt like I was on summer break, and wish I was…

Friday night was the beginning of the weekend and we had Sarah and Lottie over for the first time in a long time as well as our next door neighbors with their four-year-old daughter joining us for a takeout dinner in the backyard. All three girls played well together and everyone enjoyed the company and the food.

We woke up to a nice lazy Saturday morning and then got dressed to head up to our friend’s Philipp and Sara’s place in Edmonds for a BBQ lunch with their girls and Mark and Kati who I haven’t seen since December. We spent several hours outside catching up, eating burgers and brats and watermelon, and Reese and Emilia played with the water toys, bocce balls and bubble guns. We headed home around 1:30 with an exhausted Reese who passed out in the car and then refused to take a nap once back home. We spent the rest of the gorgeous night at home, playing inside and outside and Bryan installed the roof racks on the car. We finished the night with takeout ramen and a movie.

She crashed on the couch early…happens never.

Sunday morning began with our weekly pancakes and bacon and then I took Reese up to a makeup soccer class which she did surprisingly well at. We returned home and Reese was not in a napping mood so we got the bikes ready and set out for a loop around Lake Union. We stopped at the Cascade Playground for quite a while for Reese to burn off some energy before returning home to a total of about 13.5 miles. Once home we made steaks and chile rellenos and settled into a movie. Reese crashed on the couch at a very early hour which has only happened one other time in as long as I can remember. We put her to bed and actually had some time to ourselves before bed.

Monday started earlier than it has, not surprising with Lil’ Miss falling asleep so early the night before. Reese and I walked up to the store to get a few items, including some donuts to go with our eggs for breakfast. We played all morning and then she fell asleep for her nap pretty darn early and stayed asleep for two hours. Bryan and I each got in a workout in at home and then we had a playdate set up with Reese’s friends Lottie and Harold from school and whose moms each were a part of my PEPs group back in the day. The three kids had SUCH. A. GOOD. TIME! We had lovely weather and enjoyed the patio. After some snacks of watermelon, homemade juice and popcorn the kids discovered the joys of the little pool, splashing and eventually the slide into it. That kept them entertained for quite some time before the three kids moved inside to play while us parents just moved to the patio table to “not”closely observe their play. They played together without issue but the living room looked like a bomb had gone off in the matter of less than an hour. Our guests left and we tried cedar plank salmon on the grill for the first time to close out the long weekend.

Quite the nap for this girl, getting ready for her friends to come over

I could use more three day weekends in my life, just saying. Now these first two days back are in the 80s. Just as good as the long weekend is the short week! Also, we spent the weekend potty training Reese which was actually pretty painless and she has done surprisingly well and we have sent her to school in her undies these past two days with no accidents at school yesterday!


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