Reese Lately

This girl is growing, I do believe so, both in her vocabulary and comprehension and physically with how much she has been eating and (sometimes) sleeping. You lately have to be careful of what you will say to her because she will remember and will repeat it if she feels like. Her ability to hold a conversation has drastically improved and its so fun being able to hold this back and forth dialogue with her. But what else has been going on with her in these past few months:

  • Reese’s sleep schedule is still about 9 PM until 7 AM. This leaves about one measly hour after she goes to bed for some adult time but I would still take this over her waking up as early as 5 AM on many days. Also, nap time these days have been nice and long and without much struggle but all taken on the couch next to us.
  • Reese’s latest favorite foods would be: corn, peanut butter toast or peanut butter straight from the jar more often, chocolate, cookies, pizza, rice, noodles, pasta with red sauce, hummus, graham crackers, ice cream, berries, Special K Red Berries cereal, suckers, fruit snacks and bagels (but only the ones at school?!?), chicken wings, and French fries.
  • We worked on potty training for one week and weekend that Bryan was home and had great success but South Carolina has definitely delayed us a bit with this task. She can certainly do it and we have every intention of working on this with her these next few weekends at home.
  • We visited the gymnastics center while Grammy and Grandad were in town and I would love to take her back because this is right up her alley.
  • She loves to climb and is just nimble and proficient at most playground equipment these days. Lately she has learned how to come down ladders backyards, go down a flagpole, climb up climbing walls, and go down slides in a variety of different ways. She is still working on rope bridges and ladders and things at weird angles but pretty much everything she has down with no problem and no need for assistance, or so she tells us. She has also been doing big girl swings for some time but that is still with assistance in pushing and hasn’t learned how to pump herself on the swings.
  • Reese has improved with listening and following direction at soccer. There are still some tricks I have to break out from time to time to get her to do what the other kids are doing but she’s fairly compliant and participatory in the group activities.
  • Reese is starting to put on her own clothing little by little. Sometimes its socks or shoes, sometimes its pants or shirts, sometimes its none of the above but I’m pretty certain she could dress herself if she wanted to and if I had an immense amount of patience stored up.
  • Reese is emotional. She is very sensitive to being told “No” or “Don’t” when she doesn’t know what it is that she shouldn’t be doing or can’t be doing. She will get quite upset and will take some time to calm down. It rarely happens when it is just her and I (like almost never) but I’ve seen it happen with so many other people and I just think it is a phase that hopefully she will grow out of.
  • At the same time I think Reese has a lot of care and empathy of others. If I put on a sad face she gets concerned and when she sees another kids get injured or sad she usually asks them if they are okay and would offer a hug when she can.
  • Reese and Lottie will be preparing for their transition to the preschool room next month and will be moved up with new teachers, a new room and play yard, and new classmates by July 1st.
  • Shaun the Sheep is going nowhere soon but her other main request aside from that is always Frozen which she watches in almost its entirety with a big grin on her face. We’ve watched lots of movies lately though as our winddown on the couch before bed and she’s most liked Moana, Little Mermaid, the live action Aladdin movie, and The Incredibles. She now finds certain parts of movies funny and will just giggle and giggle at various parts.
  • Reese is getting quite good at the board puzzles she has and breaks those out from time to time. She also really likes the Picasso tiles and the Legos at times. She’s still really into her kitchen set and will often make us food but also likes to “cook” her stuffed animals in the oven or microwave. Still cannot get the girl to let us read her books.
  • Reese knows that Daddy is Lottie’s Bryan but that I am not Chelsea, I’m Mama.
  • Reese likes to say that certain people are “Stinkers” and certain people are “Crazy”. Lottie and Bryan are currently “Stinkers” and Grandad is “Crazy”.
  • For whatever reason, right before bed Reese starts chanting “my brother and sister my brother and sister my brother and sister” and its so cute and absolutely hilarious and I have no reason why. She’s also completely understanding of the fact that I have a baby in my belly and even told her teachers at school so. She also says she wants a brother.


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