Reese Lately (as of 2021)

I realize that we are already about a quarter of the way through the year and I have yet to really just dedicate a post to Reese and her development, personality, and what she’s been up to lately. And we have been spending so much time together that you would think I have a lot to report.

  • Reese was much improved in the bedtime department for awhile but as of this past week she’s demanded popcorn, goldfish and water to have in her bed. She’s also just tested my buttons right before getting in bed, exclusively for this first week that Bryan was gone, and I’ve had to lay with her for quite some time before she falls asleep. Before Bryan left, Bryan was always called into to give Reese a full body massage with lotion before she went to sleep at night.
  • Reese’s routine chart has helped quite a bit in both morning and nighttime routines. Of course, it’s parent-dependent and Bryan is better at going through the chart with her.
  • With the time change, Reese is now difficult to get to sleep prior to 9 pm but at least she is not waking up until about 7 am in the morning. I’ll take that.
  • Reese’s latest favorite foods would be: corn, peanut butter toast, chocolate, cookies, pizza, dumplings, cucumbers, purple bars (aka Clif Kids chocolate chip bars that so happen to have one strip of purple on them), pepperoni, rice, goldfish, fruit, and now ice cream.
  • We still walk to school on every non-rainy day. Reese has now told me on several occasions that she does not like the car. This also means we hit the playground on the way home from school almost every day.
  • Reese can pick out several letters from the alphabet. She definitely knows “L”, “R”, “D”, “B”, “M” as well as others. I’m quite impressed actually because I don’t know entirely where she learned it from.
  • She has pooped in the toilet a total of two times. She has yet to pee in the potty that I know. I still don’t think she is ready to be potty trained but she does want to wear purple undies.
  • Flowers are starting to blossom which means she wants to stop and smell each and everyone of them. Our walks to school have sharply increased in duration whereas before she would just sit and ride, now she has to get out and smell certain flowers, or just walk by herself for stretches of the way.
  • Reese has really enjoyed her soccer practices. She loves running around and kicking the ball. She sometimes mostly doesn’t want to listen to direction from coach, or really she just wants to do her own thing. She particularly likes jumping on the blown up bouncy field dividers, playing goal tender unknowingly, and chasing after the bubbles or hula hoops.
  • She only wants to wear clothes with flowers on them. She doesn’t want to wear jeans. She doesn’t want to wear footed pajamas. She is particular but at least lately she has stayed downstairs while I go get an outfit for her and she is less picky about it then.
  • Reese has become a sort of teacher’s pet at school. She follows directions, doesn’t cry or complain much, and always is happy and smiling.
  • Reese and Lottie have also gotten closer at school these days, according to the teachers. It’s most likely because they have had a lot of turnover of the older kids; either with them moving up to preschool or moving to another school, so they are also some of the oldest in their class now and will be for a few more months when they move up to preschool themselves.
  • Reese is still hooked on Shaun the Sheep. She’s also discovered new favorite movies such as Nemo, Moana, and Frozen. We watched Moana twice yesterday which I am not complaining because I was exhausted after Polly’s baby shower and Reese wasn’t going to take a nap.
  • Reese’s absolute favorite color is purple, hands down.
  • Reese is still pretty terrified of animals. This was clear when we visited the Olympic Game Farm in the Olympic Peninsula.
  • Reese is getting really good at ladders and climbing walls at the playground. It’s quite impressive actually.
  • Apparently Reese is also getting close to a girl named Lily at school who is in her morning group at school.
  • Reese has a real desire to eat in restaurants right now. She sees a place and asks to go inside.
  • Reese is big time into dress up right now with costumes. All the costumes.
  • She is giving her dad a difficult time when he is away for work. She’s been a little stinker with him on FaceTime but then absolutely adores him when he is back at home.


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