Our 21-Month Old!

Reese seems OLD to us. I don’t know what it is exactly but in just the past few weeks we now look at her and wonder when she did all that growing. Not that she has physically grown that much, that we can tell at least. But her educational growth has really started soaring. The last few weeks it has been all about Reese practicing her words, expanding her vocabulary, and especially stringing multiple words together. Here is her latest this month:

  • Her new words include: movie, broccoli, sad, bubbly, big, tall, night night, cracker, popcorn, fox, fork, spoon, bowl, buckle, cheek, elbow, knee, shoulder, blanket, pillow, soap, turn, chair, and probably so much more but I can’t think of them now. Her vocabulary is soaring but it’s more impressive to me her stringing two or three words together that make sense.
  • When we move onto another task or activity she says “bye” to whatever we are leaving, generally this is an inanimate object (i.e. “bye water”, “bye colors”, “bye slide”)
  • She puts her babies to bed every night. This includes putting them on the chair downstairs, putting the blanket over them, giving them kisses and then saying “night night babies”.
  • She understands when someone is sad and says so.
  • She asks if certain things are okay (i.e. the birdies, the trucks, Lottie, etc)
  • She has some obsession with saying “Polly” and “Momo” (Polly’s dog’s name) often.
  • She is a water bug and loves being in the bath, kiddie pool, etc. She is getting more comfortable, lying down, kicking her legs and blowing bubbles.
  • She is bossy. She loves to tell Lottie what to do, but even better, what not to do “no Lottie”.
  • She is a good helper, generally. If I ask her to bring stuff in or get a towel for spilled water, or throw things in the trash she will do so.
  • Her latest obsession is giving herself a makeover. She will sit down and give herself a pedicure or do her hair for 30 minutes.
  • Bedtime is still a thing right now. She is in a talkie mood late at night and must fall asleep next to me (or dadda) in bed.
  • She’s generally up at 6 am EVERYDAY.
  • She’s getting better at riding her Uber Zoomer around by herself and without me pushing.
  • She’s also working on a lot of other skills like buckles. She loves doing buckles.
  • She loves lifting heavy things and her NATURAL athletic ability is amazing to me.
  • She’s learned to jump and loves it.

You can see her little brain working often and it’s super cool to see her learn things. She’s often sweet and cuddly and still just has a zest for life.


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