Our 18 Month Old!

We’ve hit that landmark (in my opinion) 1.5 year-old mark. Time is flying and at the same time Reese just seems to continue developing and maturing so quickly it seems like she is getting older quicker than the time that is passing. That, and her hair is growing at lightening speed. She pretty much needs it up in some way to not look like a living Einstein but I do love it when it curls.

Her opinions abated for some time and now are back in full force with drama and shazaam (as in kicking the ground, telling us no, or just plain sobbing). Otherwise:

  • Her vocabulary continues to grow. New words include: Wubba, nana, swing, slide, ‘Lottie’ (loosely but also confused when we saw ‘naughty’), pee pee, chocolate, hair, boots, socks, bird, please, Papa, doggie, balloon, stop (her command for Google) .
  • Dipping is a thing, and it works, I’m an advocate for dips right now.
  • Not only does she love riding the bus she now waves to each and every bus that she sees. She also hears the bus from our house.
  • She’s getting good at putting things back when you ask her to. We went shopping where they have baby shopping carts and she put a lot of random things in her cart but then put them back (maybe not in the correct place) when I asked her to.
  • She’s showing more interest in the potty seat and sometimes asks to sit on it so there is no longer fear there.
  • She’s trying to put her own shoes on now.
  • She’s learned to blow bubbles (on peoples backs and ligaments).
  • She watched Frozen for the first time, and was enthralled by it.
  • She will throw things away. I once changed her diaper in the living room and she picked it up and took it to the trash. I was impressed that she knew what to do with it.
  • She has made homemade play doh with our nanny and loves playing with it, at least four times a day. She likes to smack it and press on it and uses the little cookie cutters to make shapes. It’s really cute how she gets up on her learning tower to play with it multiple times a day.
  • She is stubborn right now, especially with putting on clothes and going for walks. This stubbornness really only picked up in the past week and can be exhausting!
  • She is still super sweet and has been giving the best hugs and kisses lately!


2 thoughts on “Our 18 Month Old!

  1. Chelsea, love reading these updates on Reese. She is maturing so fast from your descriptions. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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