Our Ten Month Old!

10 month birthday waffles

Double digits. Wow, that happened fast. Ten months is actually a landmark number for me for some reason. I remember going to the library story time when Reese was really little and there were many 10-month old babies there that were moving and funny and playful and I just remember eagerly waiting when Reese would be that interactive. Well, she is that interactive and then some. This month is more about her personality developing and less about her new physical skills, although there are still a few of those as well.

  • She has recently learned to shake her head…and does it often!
  • Sometimes she seems really interested in eating solids and eats a bunch, only to playfully spit it out minutes later and thinks that is funny. Although that helped her bond with the dogs at the cottage.
  • She loves drinking water out of her sippy cup, or a regular cup, or through a straw.
  • She has gotten very agile on the stairs.
  • She no longer sits during baths or diaper changes or putting on her clothes so that’s been fun.
  • She now gets upset if you remove a toy or take her away from something she is playing with. I guess you would call that a tantrum.
  • She loves going up and down slides at the playground. Loves it!
  • Sometimes if you just laugh at her she thinks she is being funny and laughs back. This can then go on forever.
  • I think she is a little uneasy around animals at the moment. She has been reprimanded by Oliver, the cat at Lottie’s house, a few times and has learned her lesson. I think the dogs at the cottage helped her relax a bit more around animals.
  • Toilets are of the latest interest.
  • She loves playing with balls. She has actually gotten pretty good at accurately throwing a ball to you.
  • Another favorite is turning the TV on or stopping the show you are watching. TV remotes are better than phones!
  • She enjoys to FaceTime and is finally understanding what is going on during FaceTime.
  • We are starting to have to say “no” on some items. A sweet “no” is more like a “yes” to her though.
  • She’s still sleeping pretty well in her own crib. Going down for the night can sometimes be a marathon session but is other times speedy. However, after vacation we may need to readjust her to her own crib again.
  • As of the past week or two she does not want to wear a hat.
  • She may have been the smallest baby ever to be in a bouncy house.
  • Lately, the stroller > a carrier (she head butts you in the carrier)
  • She’s tried fried gnocchi, olives, marinara, meatballs, Korean beef, smoothies, and waffles this past month. Her favorite foods are still cheerios, any version of potatoes, rice, and anything cold. And bread.
  • She’s a swimmer, that’s for sure…


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