Our 16-Week Old

Reese is GROWING!  She is both packing on the pounds and developmentally maturing so rapidly and is now almost through her long and big fourth developmental leap.  There are times where I am catching myself thinking that she acts more like a 2 year old than an infant just under four months.  Here are just some of my observations:

  • She is curious about EVERYTHING and wants to grab, get on, touch, pull EVERYTHING. 
  • Her personality is certainly developing and that is really fun to see. 
  • She can play on her activity mat for much longer periods of time now (so long as she isn’t feeling particularly clingy that day) and she has rolled over from her belly to back more than ten times now. 
  • She is in the last week of being able to fit into Carter’s 3-month old sizes and starting to breach into the 3-6 month cloths. 
  • And she most certainly has a bedtime so if she is up past 7:30 pm, so help anyone in her vicinity. 
  • She is definitely playing favorites right now which I know can be stressful for those not the “favorite” on that particular day but she has done really well with our nanny and doesn’t seem to give her any trouble taking a bottle or generally being in a good mood for her (thank goodness!). 
  • She’s had her first cold and recovered and had her boogers drained for the first time with the Nose Frieda. 
  • She is getting a little more difficult to take to restaurants because of the increased energy levels and desire to get into everything on the table. 
  • And she is certainly more interested in other babies around her now where as before she didn’t even seem to pay them any concern whatsoever. 
  • She is still waking up anywhere between 2-4 times at night so I am not sure if we are in some sort of 4-month sleep regression yet or if that fun is still yet to come. 
  • She won’t go back in her own bed after about 5:30 am so I enjoy our morning snuggles in bed. 
  • We thought about transitioning her to her own crib but after reading that it is advised to wait until at least 6 months to move them to their own room, we are holding off for now.
  • She is definitely teething…drooly, biting on her hands and just about everything else and now crying out in pain every so often.
  • She has giggled a few times and continues to be a generally happy and smiley baby.
  • Our nanny says Reese likes classical music (Rinaldi), Marika says Reese likes Italian music, and Polly says she likes jazz but definitely not classical music…so the girl likes music but leaves you guessing to what will appease her that day.
  • Regardless, she likes “Bear Necessities” with her dad
  • Airplane and soaring are the latest favorite games of Reese
  • At Reese’s weight check-in appointment Reese weighed 12 lbs and 4 oz and was 25″ long. Her height, weight and head circumference are all following a percentile path nicely and the doctor has no concerns.
  • She is talking way more and has developed a much larger repertoire or speech.

She is just amazing and always makes our day a happy day. We love her to death!


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