Month Four

This past month has been smooth sailing in terms of baby making.  We just checked in with our doctor for the monthly appointment and essentially a summary of the past month is:

  • Babies heartbeat is still pounding fierce at around 145 bpm
  • My weight is up by about 2-3 pounds which doctors seemed to indicate as good
  • Blood pressure still low
  • My energy has been up and steady
  • I’ve felt pretty darn normal in all my normal activities
  • Heartburn and indigestion still definitely there after large and/or late in the evening dinners
  • Appetite is slowly increasing
  • Have had occasional head aches early in the morning that I attribute to baby (or studying I don’t know)
  • Belly is just beginning to round and is noticeable if wearing tight clothes
  • Slight aches in my lower and side abdomen region which I am attributing to stretching of those muscles
  • Middle region is feeling tighter in clothes
  • No noticeable movements from baby yet
  • Some lower back pain during long periods of sitting (could also be attributed to how frequently my neck is bent from studying)

We keep on rolling, this week moving into Week 18 and going in for our 20-week ultrasound for baby parts (but not gender) in 2 weeks or so.  In the meantime we continue talking names we like, we have started gathering ideas and goods for the nursery (I have picked out some crib bedding) and started rearranging the nursery, we sold the tall wardrobe in the guest room to make more room, and we are doing research on childbirth classes to sign up for.


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