Will Do and Won’t Do

We were talking a bit about age last night at FareStart and how our personalities are set in stone at this point in our life and how we can’t and/or won’t change them to satisfy anyone else.  This is very true of people once they reach their 30s I think and it’s honestly something I really appreciate about people thirty and older.  No nonsense, no trying to be someone you aren’t or something you’re not.  You have more confidence about who you are and less desire to fit in with the crowd.  Although, you still might test out trends or fads, those that don’t work for you aren’t going to last long.  This is a bit of what I am reflecting on lately, you know, now that I’m 31.  There are just some things that I don’t want to do and some things that I actually need to start doing…and am.

Will NOT Do:

  1. Bell sleeves.  I don’t get this style
  2. Cold shouldered sleeves.  Yeah no.
  3. Ponchos.  I want to like these because they look so comfy but I just can’t go to work in a blanket.
  4. Slang.  Some Most of the slang out there these days I just can’t adopt into my own language.
  5. Sour beers.
  6. Chia seeds, nutritional yeast, and most any and all supplements.  This includes green smoothies.  I’m already cold enough in the morning.  Oh and definitely the Paleo and Whole 30 diets.
  7. Living to work instead of working to live.

Will Do:

  1. Skincare routine.  I don’t drink enough water ever and have drier skin so I really must moisturize and now that I am aging (lol) and have good products I am committed to taking care of my skin…and getting a facial every once in a while.  That means I’m okay with spending a bit to get good and reliable products.
  2. Balayage or highlights.  I need them in my hair now!
  3. Treat even the people I don’t care for with respect and friendliness.
  4. Study un-begrudgingly for the Structural Engineers (SE) exam.
  5. Shop in stores instead of buying stuff online.
  6. Invest time into reading again.
  7. TRY to limit TV, sugar, and screen time…oh boy.


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