Farewell Firly

Our last week with Firly came and went already.  The three weeks with our house guest went even quicker than it did in the fall.  Despite how quickly the week went there was quite a bit that we did, with and without Firly.

Monday was our weekly dance class at Century Ballroom and while we were dancing away Firly was prepping for her next two big days.  Bryan graciously picked up Big Chickie to have at home for dinner for the three of us before heading to class…along with the half growler of the Peddler Golden Wheat.

Tuesday was our last dinner alone with Firly.  After a successful styling session for my DRESS I headed to Japonessa to meet Firly and Bryan at Japonessa, per Firly’s request.  Bryan and I each got a miso soup, shared the edamame and green salad and two great rolls, the Seattle crunch roll and a fancy roll I cannot remember the name of.  All off of the happy hour menu between the two of us it was only $24 which is a really good deal!  Sushi was delicious!  We then gave her the grand driving tour of Seattle, stopping at Kerry Park for a good view, driving around Lake Union, getting stopped by one of the drawbridges, and finishing through the Arboretum.  Training:  6 Mile Run

Bryan and my shared sushi bomb!
Bryan and my shared sushi bomb!

Wednesday was Firly’s day to shine in the end of the program event; The Showcase.  Bryan and I went as audience members, eagerly awaiting the wonderful pitches and the wonderful Indonesian dinner we had last time.  Both did not disappoint in the least and Firly did an excellent job giving her pitch.  I may be bias but she got top place in my book.  Plus I just think her company’s product and motivation is so cool.  We delved into a ton of Indonesian treats afterwords and then Bryan and I accidentally walked 3 miles home to walk it off.  Whoops!

Flowers for Firly/Me
Flowers for Firly/Me
Us inspired by the Jolkona Catalyst program participants and our guest Firly!
Us inspired by the Jolkona Catalyst program participants and our guest Firly!  Just look at that inspiration in Bryan’s eyes!

Additionally on Wednesday, there was excitement downtown as a substation went out and several blocks of downtown were without power for an hour.  With little I could do without power, our network or the internet, I took the opportunity to go on my hour-long bike ride around the lunch hour.  I biked to West Seattle along the Alki trail until I got to Luna Park, stopped for a few photos, debated getting lunch at Marination Mai Kai but decided I needed to get back, and biked bake.  11.3 miles in total in one hours time.  Training:  50 Minute Bike Ride

Thursday Bryan and I were helping out the FareStart chefs as they were the Guest Chef for the night.  Chef Wayne with FareStart created a Creole dinner of exotic delicacies like jerk shrimp with plantain, stewed conch with codfish fritters, braised oxtail with cheesy grits and island coleslaw, and a mango tart with coconut ice cream!  It was a very fun and inventive menu that pleased the diners well I believe.  It pleased Bryan and I and it was nearly a sell-out night but one that kept us way late and tired.

Additionally on Thursday I started to go stir-crazy listening to the constant megaphone and whistles direction traffic, pedestrians, and cast members for some filming of the new Fifty Shades Darker movie.  OMG, it was cool for the first hour and then I was done with that commotion.  Training:  5 Mile Run

Makes me want to see the movie Fifty Shades Darker?...nope.
Makes me want to see the movie Fifty Shades Darker?…nope.

Friday morning we had to say goodbye to Firly.  Her flight left midday but with customs and all Bryan and I left home with her around 8:30 and Bryan personally dropped her off at the airport.  We said our goodbyes and then each went on with our daily lives, aka work.  We had a quick change from one guest to two guests in a day though.  Tonight we will be welcoming Collin and Chelsea from Houston into our homes for the weekend.  I’m very much looking forward to meeting these two and showing more people around our city.


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