Starting Strong

Since the beginning of 2016 we have been out the gates running with things to make us feel good and plans and initiatives for the new year.  Aside from our wedding which will inevitably make the highlight of the year for us we also have some exciting events planned for the year…

  1. Texas 4000 Atlas Ride 10 Year Reunion in Austin the first weekend of June
  2. Ski weekend at Big White with friends at the end of February
  3. Ski weekend at Stevens with friends Valentine’s weekend
  4. Ski weekend just Bryan and I at Mt. Hood in mid-March
  5. Bryan’s bachelor party first weekend of April
  6. My bachelorette party at some point
  7. Tamara’s wedding last weekend of July
  8. Philipp and Sara’s wedding early October

It’s going to be a full year and I am sure that the list above is not even the extent of our trips and plans.  But in the meantime we have actually set some very reachable goals for us in this new year.  These goals would be…

  1. Aim for bed around 10 pm
  2. Wake up on weekdays at 6 am
  3. Workout weekday mornings
  4. Ice cream only on the weekends
  5. More cooking at home
  6. Drink more water!
  7. 10,000 steps a day with our new Fitbits

So far we are working our way into our goals.  We’ve certainly made quite a few meals at home since getting back to Seattle.  Fortunately for me Bryan made us an excellent breakfast hash on Sunday morning and one of our favorites; Callalloo soup for dinner on Sunday night.  Double whammy!  We made steaks to share with Polly and I tried a slow roasted salmon dish with fennel and citrus.  We have aimed to go to bed earlier but this and the waking up earlier will be the most difficult for us.  We have successfully limited ice cream to the weekends and this one is easy for me but what is not as easy for me is drinking more water!

There of course are always happenings that prevent us from “early to bed and early to rise” and of course those items we just don’t want to give up, nor should we.  For instance this week I helped assist at the Hipcooks Thai One On class to learn even more about Thai ingredients and recipes.  I had a great time but didn’t get home until around 10 pm.  In the class we learned and made eight dishes!!!

Pad thai and papaya salad was just one course!
Pad thai and papaya salad was just one course!
  • Veggie spring rolls with a tamarind dipping sauce
  • Coconut sticky rice with shrimp
  • Chicken satay, peanut ginger sauce
  • Papaya salad
  • Pad Thai with tofu
  • Green curry with eggplant & shitake
  • Red curry with chicken & cashews
  • Forbidden rice with coconut cream

And happily for both of us we were back at FareStart for not only a sold out night with a brand new chef and restaurant but we were being filmed by ABC’s The Chew throughout the night and not getting home until 10:30 pm.  For dinner, the interesting menu included:

First Course


with Saffron Yogurt, Red Sorrel, Home Made Preserved Moroccan Olive Oil, Flaked Salt



with Parsnip Velvet and Hand Made Egg Yolk CappalecciDessert



with Kumquat Marmalade and Pomegranate Rock Candy

Filming going on during FareStart
Filming going on during FareStart

It’s been a great first full week of 2016 but whew I’m ready for the weekend!


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