Interesting Enough

  • Seattle has remained very hot and dry but now overcast thanks to British Columbia’s wildfires

    It would be 10 degrees warmer this week but we've been in a haze thanks BC!
    It would be 10 degrees warmer this week but we’ve been in a haze thanks BC!
  • I’ve been digging some killer 6 am circuit training classes but also slept through a few
  • Mariner’s vs. Tiger’s game thanks to my company and joined by Andrew and Angela
  • Am very eager to get our engagement photos back
  • Cleaned out my desk (finally!) at Capitol Hill
  • Went for my first run in awhile
  • Had my annual employee review finally which went really well!
  • Sound Transit gets go-ahead for $15 billion light rail expansion which might be a life saver
  • Back at it at FareStart for a late night with Tallulah’s restaurant and more salmon, beets, and berries!
  • Tried my first Seattlehotpot at Boiling Point with a friend for Friday lunch = delicious!

    Curry fish ball hotpot...yes sir!
    Curry fish ball hotpot…yes sir!
  • Biked to Bellevue and back on Friday, just for fun
  • Had a friend dinner date with Polly at Eureka! in U Village while Bryan was in New Orleans
  • Watched So I Married an Axe Murderer with Polly
  • Volunteered at the Ballard Seafood Fest and enjoyed the annualsalmon bake dinnerx2

    Delicious salmon dinner!
    Delicious salmon dinner!
  • Played kickball for my company but we lost 14-9 (I got on base 2 out of 3 times but my 3rd base fielding was awful)
  • Made banana bread just to use up old bananas
  • And got through a huge to-do list for this upcoming week including:
    • Vaccumed upstairs and downstairs
    • Got and planted two basil plants from Trader Joes
    • Go through my clothes
    • Sold as many clothes as I could to consignment (only got $20 but still $20!)
    • Donated three HUGE bags to Goodwill
    • Went to REI for a birthday gift
    • Biked to West Marine for a birthday gift
    • Went to Grocery Outlet and Safeway for groceries for our upcoming lake trip
    • Returned a shipment to UPS
    • Made lunch for Monday and Tuesday
    • Got and planted some petunias for our front doorstep


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