This week has been all about planning for me.  First, it was planning for Bryan’s birthday.  This was the least of all of the headaches and solely included:  dinner reservations, outfit, present, card, grasshopper pie, crumb cake for breakfast.  Easy peasy…I could have done that in my sleep.

Moving onto the next hurtle.  Moving scheduling.  First we had what date we were actually going to moving on.  We have selected Sunday, August 3rd.  We fortunately have a two week window to move out of Bryan’s house and move in to our new house.  However, we have a wedding on the 2nd and are going to Vancouver to meet Bryan’s parents for a weekend on the last weekend of that window.  So the 3rd it is so we will hopefully be completely settled by August 15th, when we go to Vancouver and come back with Bryan’s parents who will be spending a night with us.  We had thought we would go with a moving service but we have decided that with all of my stuff being on ground level and not requiring stairs that we will do it ourselves, so Uhaul rental it is.

I’ve also been searching everyday for decent priced tickets to NYC for Labor Day, but that has still not happened.

And finally, the big one, the one I have really been working on, and the one that we have finally booked:  NEW ZEALAND.  We have that trip booked and I am so excited.  I will go into details about what our itinerary is but for the time being we will be leaving for our trip straight from Michigan after Christmas.  We got a deal that I think is a great deal on the flights there and back (minus the domestic flights that we will get ourselves) plus our car rental for out time in New Zealand and our three nights that we will be spending in Papeete, Tahiti!!!  I will be taking an official 19 days off of work, 16 which I assume that I will have available to take and 3 more that I will figure out at some point.

Aside from all this planning though I’ve had quite a pleasant week.  I:

  • Had a picnic with the old roommates
  • Celebrated Bryan’s birthday dinner
  • Actually made a great pad kee mao dish for Bryan and I
  • Had a sushi dinner with Marika
  • Went to see 22 Jump Street with two coworkers
  • Played tennis doubles one evening
  • Enjoyed music and food at the Bite of Seattle one night
  • Had baja tacos around a fire pit at Pecado Bueno with Bryan on a chillier night in Seattle
  • River floated with my friends down the Yakima River 9.5 miles
  • Went to the always-tasty Fish Cake Factory with Bryan

    Pac Man what?
    Pac Man what?

But I’m exhausted from planning…


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