Meet Raider Red

Yesterday I made a purchase.

After nearly five years of having my loyal scooter, I decided the time had come to invest in a new one.  I searched Craigslist and I stopped by one of the scooter dealerships in town and decided on Raider Red.  The Kymco brand I have heard very good reviews about and my repair center is the dealership for Kymco so I think that should mean good things for any necessary repairs or parts that I might need down the road.  Raider Red is only a 125cc scooter so its top speed is more like 55 mph than 65 mph but it has just as good thrust and power up to 50 mph than my old scooter had.  It’s a 2013 model with only 250 miles on it so it has hardly been used and has been covered for its entire life.  Came with trunk, XL helmet (that I will be selling), and cover.


Listed at $1800 I got it for $1300!!!  I hope it can last me five more years!  Bryan has decided that Raider Red is not the name of the scooter and is calling it Buckeye Red.



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