Compliments of My Scooter

I have already come upon and surpassed an anniversary for me.  It has been FOUR years of owning my precious scooter.  It was four years ago that my itch to have one after seeing them throughout Europe and my legality from taking the course with my mom got me to Craigslist to purchase my 2008 model scooter.  I honestly can’t believe that four years later the scooter is still my main method of transportation and that I have still been car-free with a day job and a social life!

Although my mentality around consumption and conservation and sustainability efforts has changed, somewhat, I still am all  for keeping the scooter and remaining car-free, for now.  I know there will come a time where I will need a car but for now it works for me.  I am a very independent person naturally.  I like to take care of myself and not rely on others.  I am often teased for being a mooch, but so have you.  I rarely ask others for a ride, but honestly, I think it is good that I have to from time to time.

In its prime!
In its prime!

I’d say my scooter works perfectly for me 9.5 times out of 10, which ain’t too shabby.  And really taking a look at what goes into it, that’s not bad.  My commute to and from work is about 3 miles each way.  So six miles in a day, five days a week (though I often get a ride one way), comes to 30 miles in a week.  At about 60 mpg, I do generally only have to fill up the tank every 2-3 weeks.  My tank holds about 1.5 gallons and filling up with premium in Washington at about $4.25, I usually pay about $7 at the station.  Say I used the scooter all year round.  That is still only about $175 in gas a year.  $90 for insurance a year.  Probably about $100 in maintenance a year.  I cannot complain.

I know it doesn’t work for everyone, I know that it can’t work for most, but it does work for me.  Upon graduating I had a dream of having a short commute and one where I could manage without a car but I think I got so lucky with the actual outcome of that dream.  My savings now have changed me a lot in my spending elsewhere, for the better.  And my savings now will hopefully help for that house or restaurant in the near(ish) future.  I just wanted to take a minute to look back on those four years of riding a scooter.  For me it is now so natural I really can’t imagine it another way.  I really don’t feel like I sacrifice much at all and that is the most important thing.  I love my scoot!  Most of the time!


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