Margin = Availability

The sermon that was spoken at All Saints Church on Sunday was very beneficial to me, Marika, and even Bryan who did not attend but just got my share afterwards.  Here were some of my takeaways and I why I thought it was so valuable.

  • Right now our society lives to where we push ourselves to the limit; financially, time wise, stress, etc.  Pushing ourselves right to the limit leaves us very little margin for error which in turn can cause a great deal of stress and pressure on us and very little wiggle room to be generous with our time or money.  Margin is defined as = current performance – limits.  We need to increase this margin of error.
  • One thing I try to reevaluate on a regular balance is my schedule.  One thing that was talked about was whether things that are in my schedule are important to my lifestyle vs. something just to put in my calendar.  I used to be really horrific about this, booking myself to the extreme so that I didn’t have any free time.  They weren’t always things I necessarily wanted to do either.  Now I really like my “lifestyle”.  I still try and take advantage of a lot of unique opportunities and events going on but because I truly want to.  I truly like going out and trying new places, meeting new people, networking, exploring, etc.  I’ve learned that my passions do really lie in food and music and am not afraid to invest more time and money into those activities.  Volunteering is also important to me and finding volunteer organizations that also align with my passions and interests has taken some time and trial and error but I feel like I am pretty much there.
  • When margin decreases three things usually result from that:
      • Stress levels increase
      • Self-centeredness increases
      • Relationships suffer
  • It’s important to know what your first response is to pushing the margin.  Do I first try to fix it myself or do I first turn to Jesus to dissipate some of the stress or worry?  Need to continue to work on this…but doing very well on this right now with our housing situation and dealing with our landlord again.
  • When my schedule is tight and margin is limited I need to make sure that how I spend my time and resources within that margin is giving me energy back.  Meaning spending time with friends, yoga, cooking a good dinner, meditating, etc.
  • And the Pastor’s seven takeaways were also great:
      1. Busy is a choice!
      2. Stop glorification of “busy”.  It’s okay to not be busy.
      3. Appreciate and schedule rest.  At least one day per week.
      4. Revisit priorities.  Busyness = misplaced priorities.
      5. Own fewer possessions.
      6. Cultivate space in daily routine.  Morning, lunch time, walk, meditate, yoga.
      7. Find freedom in the word “No”.




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