Back to the Slopes

I finally made it skiing this winter.  Only two or three months after the first time I went last year but like I said I have been in a lazy funk for quite some time…and busy with work.

Ski bums and lots of snow at Stephen's Pass.
Ski bums and lots of snow at Stephen’s Pass.

Sunday morning, after debating spontaneously heading up to Vancouver for the night or not, Bryan, Amy and myself set out early for Crystal Mountain Ski Resort.  We grabbed breakfast sandwiches on the way up, met up with David, Mark and Jeff and skied a full day with just a small break for lunch at the lodge. My first time out was not nerve-wracking like I thought it would be, relatively warm, and the snow was coming down all day making great conditions for the slopes (fresh powder!!!), and a lot of fun with the whole crew.  We came back to Seattle to have dinner at the Thai restaurant Fish Cake Factory in Belltown where I warmed up with a spicy bowl of Tom Yum Soup and then settled into a Red Box rental of the Looper which was great!!!

SPICY tom yum soup at the Fish Cake Factory
SPICY tom yum soup at the Fish Cake Factory

It’s good to have gotten the fresh air in, skied one last time with Amy at Stephen’s, see the Kirkland boys, and feel the soreness in my legs today.  I have one more ski day planned next Saturday before we head back up to Whistler!


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