Work Headache

STILL WORKING ON MY SAFE MODEL. AHH!!!!! I am pretty sure that I will be doing this continuously from now until December. Ouch. At least I continue to see it improve. Also, the bulkhead that I was designing may not move towards final design phase. Not because it is a bad design, but Seattle City Light are considering whether or not a bulkhead is worth constructing. Bummer.

    Work Task List for the Week:

      Draft Slab Reinforcement for All Four Levels (changes from architect in slab geometry means not done grr)
      Draft Elevator Shaft Walls Reinforcement Design (redesigning grr)
      Draft Beam Schedule (which requires to go back into SAFE to apply and run new point loads on two of the slabs) (done but with corrections needed)
      Revise Supportive Excavation Xrefs with New Dimensions (done, easy)
      Design Walers for Brooklyn Station (haven’t started)
      Finish Gorge Tunnel Design and Draft Memo for Friday (done but still haven’t completed design for the third and final model and the orientation was reversed and spent a headached on fixing that today)

    Bulkhead Model

Another free movie screening this week of 50/50 at the Varsity Theater in the UDistrict. Loved the movie and watching it in the old theater…which butts up to the subway station I am designing too! A dinner at Skillet Diner in Cap Hill followed by Fainting Goat gelato in Wallingford (nutella and salted peanut heavenly combo) and winning one out of two games at pool at the Iron Bull. A combined baby shower for two expecting dads and their wives at work on Thursday with fun games, drink and food. We partook in chugging Alaskan Amber out of sippy cups, playing a game on matching the word for baby with 18 different languages and guessing the food in 8 different diapers.

Tonight I have a concert at the Q Cafe that I am excited about. And of course then there is football this weekend and Fremont Oktoberfest. Friends are being screwy right and other friend will be in Austin for a wedding but at least things with the roommate is good and things are cleared up. I also like that today and tomorrow are 80 degree days!!! For the past week we have actually had temps above Lansing when I’ve checked weather.com daily. But unfortunately tomorrow is looking to be our last day in a long while as the rain is starting to set into the forecast. 😦


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