A Waiting Game

After getting through last week, the last week spent at work and with things on the calendar, I was more or less ready to go at any time.  But this week has offered me another week to be able to work from home while simultaneously continuing to check off my to-do list before baby’s arrival.  Bryan has also been making a lot of headway and preparations at work for his time away and for big projects in the future.  I am honestly more than okay getting one more week under our belt before we meet baby.  I don’t think it will be until the end of next week that I start to get anxious for the day to come.  For now, I am still content…albeit more uncomfortable.

So what are some of the things that preoccupied our time this week aside form work:

  1. I picked up a shelving unit to organize more of our equipment in the workout room.  For $20, I was able to get a very solid and already assembled unit and started organizing said equipment.

    Workout room progress
  2. I prepped a few more freezer meals while doing double duty for dinners this week; chicken enchiladas, callilloo soup and pulled pork sandwiches, all of which were made in the crockpot so as not to heat up the house too much.
  3. I caught up with Polly over the enchiladas on Monday night.  She came over for a visit and we caught up each other; me on the last month of pregnancy and her on her trip to the East Coast and her and Ryuhei buying a house in which they are moving into THIS weekend!
  4. I started working on my baby book with the details that I can fill out so far.
  5. I was able to get rid of a few things taking of space in the backyard, that we no longer need, on the Facebook Buy Nothing Group.
  6. I had a person come clean our house on Thursday and have them scheduled to come back every few weeks for the unforeseeable future so that it is one less thing that I have to worry about.  She did a fantastic job!
  7. I continued to work on the second of the three cross stitch projects and am halfway finished with this one (I’d be done but I need to buy more string).  This one was way more simple than the first…but the last is just as hard as the first.
  8. I spectated the outdoor house painting project that our landlord scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.  It didn’t make for the most serene work environment but they seemed to be nice enough guys too.
  9. We took Mark and Kati with us to FareStart on Thursday night to dine in for once.  It was a great menu from a new local chef who owns an Indian food truck and recently was on TLC’s Chopped show and won (I watched the show the night before dinner and got pretty psyched for the meal)!  I was hoping that the spicy food would get things going like I’ve heard rumors of it doing but no such luck.
  10. This past weekend Bryan and I enjoyed what could be our last church service and brunch just the two of us.  There was a guest speaker who we like for the service and then we went to the Carlile Room for brunch where I had the avocado toast and Bryan had the burger.
  11. We had two more movie nights outside at our house.  We watched two European classics; first Trainspotting and second Waking Ned Devine.

    Every night if I could!
  12. And we had another doctor’s appointment that was scheduled the morning of my due date.  Again, everything is normal and progressing.  Blood pressure still low but higher than it has been.  Total weight gain to date is 24 lbs and baby was measuring 38 cm with a steady 120s heartbeat.  Was still told that baby is on the smaller side; she guessed between 6.5 and 7 lbs.

We will just have to see how much longer this waiting game continues for.



Basketball Thief

Well the hot weather continues to roll on.  Normally that would be great but this year I’ve enjoyed the less than 80 degree days a little more.  Every single day this week has been balmy and my body just wants to slow to a snails pace in this heat.  Snails pace or not, this was the last week that I really had things scheduled on my calendar.  Next week I’m as free as a bird with anticipating the unknown.  And we will see if we get to next week or not.  As I continue to think that I will deliver after my due date, I have been having more false contractions that have me on edge more than ever.

While baby continues to mess with my mind I’ve continued to roll through the punches.  This week was all about “me” time…well after our anniversary celebration that is.  I spent Tuesday evening crafting with Yelp, making an “air plant” frame at Urban Sprouts in Renton.  I got to take it home and got food and drink while making my creation.  On Wednesday I got a free hair cut in Montlake and Friday I got my nails done at my Oui Salon and Spa for the last time before baby.

I made it through my last volunteering night at FareStart on Thursday for a chef and a meal that I really like.  Brian Clevenger created a great summery Italian menu with a slew of antipasti that I was all about.  Now, if only I could have a darn glass of wine!  So tempting this late in the game.  I lasted on my feet the whole night and managed through a long and enjoyable dinner with the crew.  I am seriously going to miss the volunteering with friends these next few months but still hope to dine in from time to time when I can.  I have a standing reservation for dinner next week if I do make it that far.

And this weekend is showing promise to be one more weekend in coupledom.  We don’t have much of anything planned and I’m looking to maybe get out and enjoy a few more meals in a restaurant or activities out just the two of us while we can.  The weather is also promising to drop too, albeit temporarily.



Two Years In

While two years doesn’t really seem like a long time since our wedding vows, a lot has happened even just in the past year.  I can’t speak for Bryan but these two years, and particularly the last several months, have been truly wonderful.  As we surpass the two-year anniversary mark we are certainly moving towards another adventure.  Thankfully, the adventure didn’t come too early that we couldn’t celebrate this time just the two of us.

I think we both really enjoy our anniversary weekend and the ease we have in celebrating it.  We haven’t strayed too much over the years with what our anniversary weekend entails.  This year, we got to Lake Washington both Saturday and Sunday to watch the air show with the Blue Angels.  We went once with friends and we went the other day just the two of us after having a great brunch after church.

While Monday wasn’t the weekend we both got to skedaddle from work early to go to our last doctor’s appointment until our due date.  Still healthy and as normal as can be.

After our early departure we drove home and then walked the half mile to Harvest Vine, sans reservation so we could sit at the bar and watch the chefs do their magic.  We also worked on picking names because honestly we don’t have a name picked out for either gender.  We had another amazing meal; gazpacho, heirloom tomatoes with sherry vinegar, olive oil & garlic, roasted eggplant with tomato frito, idiazábal sheep cheese & anchovy, spanish octopus cooked on the plancha with garbanzo puree, rabbit foreleg confit & grilled loin with baby carrots & marcona almond picada, and goat milk cheesecake with fresh berries.  We ended up chatting up the chef nearest us for quite some time and left feeling super stuffed and again just amazed at the flavors and finesse of the kitchen.  Bryan gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers which also included two roses and a selection of chocolates.  I am one lucky girl!

Year three is going to be great!



Two To Go

It’s two weeks until our due date and that just blows my mind.  I honestly feel like life has just continued normally, maybe with a little more discomfort, but fortunately not with really any lack of energy or zest.  Which is a very good thing because we have still had plenty to do around the house and out of the house.

Progress around the house includes:

  • Getting our glider/rocker and setting up the station where I will be spending a good deal of time the next several weeks.  I LOVE the look of the glider that we got and it is so incredibly comfortable.

    I love this chair already.
  • Hanging the shelves and starting to set up some decor in the baby’s room.  I’m not too rushed about this anymore, now that I really realize that baby won’t be sleeping in this room for quite some time.

    Cute sign
  • We got a 2nd base and the attachment for our infant carrier to our Bob stroller on Craigslist for a steal.  We will secure the 2nd base in the Jeep when it is needed.
  • I have gone through our pantry and tried to toss old/unwanted things and reorganize the rest.  I also purchased more organizational accessories for the kitchen and bathrooms from Zulilly to help me feel less cluttered around the house and free up more space.
  • We packed our hospital bags (which means that our diaper bags are now also prepped) to have at the ready.
  • I finally finished a cross stitch and have it framed.  Feels good to have one done but not good knowing that I have two more.

    I need to get white cardboard to hide the window box but otherwise one is done!
  • Got batteries for all of the things that need them and worked on figuring out how to use each item.
  • Got the diaper pail ready to go and I love the bright mint color!

    Mint diaper pail.
  • Bryan bought new smoke detectors and we decided to go all out and get some of the Nest smoke detectors and temperature controls for the home.
  • Purchased the last must-have (diaper changing pad) for the baby’s room with the gift card money from the company-hosted baby shower.

Progress outside the house includes:

  • Bryan had a doctor’s appointment and got his T-DAP shot.
  • Bryan enjoyed a happy hour and climb at Seattle Bouldering Project with the guys after work on Tuesday night.
  • We had a baby shower at work on Wednesday afternoon.  Bryan came to the shower and we enjoyed some snacks, games, and Bryan got to see the new office.  It was a good turn out from the company and we were given some gift cards to complete our registry.
  • We got dinner at the FareStart Community Dinner after the baby shower on Wednesday.  It was a great Indian themed dinner (my second Indian meal of the week).  Bring on the spicy food.
  • I seriously enjoyed this delicious lunch for my last MealPal before baby’s arrival (I have it on hold until November).
  • We had a fairly busy night at FareStart on Thursday for Volunteer Park Cafe.  I really enjoyed the summery menu of crispy breaded branzino, corn bisque, fresh tomato salad, and peaches and cream.  I also got to see my friend Abby who was in town for just a short time as she volunteered for the night.
  • We had another doctor’s appointment on Thursday morning and everything is still looking good.  Baby measured at 36 cm with a heartbeat in 130s.  Doctor felt and commented that baby isn’t a big baby, which is good, but definitely big enough.  Also, still positioned head down with its back on my right side.
  • To beat the heat on the last hot day (and last day of the hottest July on record) I tried one of the Freeze’s at Pressed Juicery for a healthy sweet treat (chocolate base is made of nuts, dates and cocoa).
  • We spent Friday night with friends.  We first went to visit Anne and Phillip and their new baby and dropped off a care basket with them.  While we were in West Seattle we went to our FareStart friend Holly’s birthday party at an apartment rooftop.  We had some amazing food of kalbi ribs, Korean chicken and a variety of salads and played a few games of pool before heading back home.
  • This weekend was the well-loved SeaFair weekend in Seattle and essentially our anniversary weekend.  The Blue Angels were practicing the end of last week and the Navy ships pulled into the harbor on Tuesday.  We got out and watched the show both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was spent at Madrona Park floating in a floatilla with the crew and that was an absolute blast.  We got a ton of sun but are already on the recovery.  Sunday after church Bryan and I got a great brunch at Macrina Bakery in Queen Anne before walking to the I-90 bridge to watch the airshow from the bridge.
  • Official anniversary and dinner to come today.



Hot Tamale

This weekend was another great weekend spent doing things we can easily do now before baby’s arrival, that might not be so easy post baby’s arrival.  It was pretty packed with events but didn’t feel overwhelming or chaotic at all.  It was essentially a perfect summer weekend, albeit a little toasty.

Friday night was the first night in a while that we had nothing on the agenda.  We enjoyed one of our Marley Spoon dinners (this night was grilled Korean pork burgers with slaw) on the deck watching movies on the big screen.

We are loving this!

Saturday morning we had plans to meet up with Luis and Carina for dim sum at Harbor City for Carina’s birthday.  There was a good wait but once we were seated and the food came it was all delicious and demolished.  After brunch we continued Carina’s birthday celebration at Agua Verde, where we met up with Philipp and Sara for double kayaking on busy Lake Union.  It was a hot day so the water felt wonderful.  After an hour of kayaking on the water we said our goodbyes and headed home.  Saturday night we did a few things around the house, Bryan made another Marley Spoon dinner (this time chimichurri steak with a snap pea couscous salad) and we watched more movies on the deck outside.

Agua Verde kayaking on a beautiful summer day.

Sunday morning, we had an early start to get to Renton for Seahawk’s Training Camp.  We got a large and delicious iced coffee at Bryan’s barista stand before checking into the camp at the Landing and riding the school buses to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center for practice.  We were greeted by a band, Seagals, and then quickly found some spots to watch the practice.  I love coming to this because it really gets me familiar with the players, numbers, names, etc.  Particularly this year when the team has changed so much.  There are quite a few Michigan (D. Hill, F. Clark, A. Darboh, K. Hill) and Texas (T. Swoopes, E. Thomas, M. Johnson, P. Ford, M. Dickson) players on the team this year.  We also spotted some strong offensive prospects for starting positions with my favorite from last year J.D. McKissic, but also Lockett, Johnson, Penny and Brown all looked pretty good.  Baldwin and Luke Wilson didn’t practice and Chancellor is still injured.  Thomas was no where in sight.  The defense is sure going to be interesting this year.

After practice we sought out AC and brunch at the Hawaiian spot, Super Six, in Columbia City.  I got the Portuguese sausage hash and Bryan the pork katsu sandwich and fries while we watched the Mariner’s.  After brunch, and fully stuffed, we headed to Lake Washington to do a little floating.  It was so hot and my body was starting to shut down.  As soon as we got in the refreshing water though I felt a million times better.  We roped our tubes up to each other and Bryan paddled us around while I mostly just laid there.  It was a pleasant two hours spent on the bustling Lake Washington near Seward Park.  We went home for a snack, shower, quick rest, change of clothes and then set out to Comedy Underground in Pioneer Square for a night of laughs.  The Underground was also insanely hot and I was dying but the comics and jokes were funny and it was an enjoyable night as adults again.

We are supposed to have another 90 degree day and then I am looking forward to the temps dropping a bit.  We have another eventful week and then next weekend’s focus is solely on SeaFair.  We have slowly been knocking out some of the remaining To-Do’s on the baby preparedness list.  I’ll catch up on that later.



The Miracle of Pregnancy

After nine months of pregnancy I cannot say that I would be a happy person being pregnant all the time but pregnancy has really taught me a lot about the miracle of birth and the female body.  When reading about the physical and emotional changes that are happening within the body, it is almost surreal.  The changes that take place are so logical and yet so crazy that they are hard to believe.  I’m literally in awe of how my body has changed in the last 9 months.  And I have to say I love my body for it.


There was a time in which I worried that I had caused major irrecoverable trauma to my body.  I feared, like I think many women do, that I would not be able to have children of my own for one reason or another.  The toll I took on my body somehow has not jeopardized my future motherhood and my future physical health.  I am so appreciative of that.  I have also rolled with the punches through the physical changes of pregnancy in awe instead of in fear.  I’m grateful that my pregnancy has been as smooth sailing as it has been and I can’t deny that it helps that my belly has consistently been relatively small for each stage, but that’s not for not eating enough.  That hasn’t been an issue at any point during my pregnancy.

I’m looking forward to having my body back, yes, of course, but I am even looking forward to earning my body back post pregnancy.  For each change that has occurred during pregnancy I am excited to see the recovery progress post-pregnancy.  I’m looking forward to being active again.  I’m looking forward to going hiking, running and skiing with Bryan again.  I’ve seen a lot of women go overboard post-pregnancy but I don’t want that to be me.  Slow progress is best progress and when you do it right it is so rewarding to see the effects of hard work.

Pregnancy is a wild ride for everyone involved.  It is certainly not something that I think anyone can really truly grasp until experiencing it first hand.  I certainly entered pregnancy completely unknowing about really everything about pregnancy and now at least feel competent.  Now that we are so close and are essentially in “GO” time the feelings of excitement, nervousness, anxiety, and eagerness cycle on a regular basis, sometimes by the minute.  I feel ready but can’t say I’m ready.  All I know is that when it does happen I think both Bryan and I will be as prepared and relaxed as we can be.


And finally, the predictions…


Delivered on August 18th

Length of 20″

Weight of 7.9 lbs

Gender Girl



Delivered on August 20th

Length of 20.75″

Weight of 7.3 lbs

Gender Boy


We will see whose predictions get the closest.



Last Weekends of Coupledom

This past weekend was a busy one but one that also accomplished a lot.  Bryan and I got to enjoy some relaxation as well as some fun events out still as just a couple, not with a baby in tow, and we also got a lot organized around the house.  We both were exhausted last week; catching up on sleep or just needing more, I’m not sure which, and had a hard time getting much done during the week.  So this weekend helped rest and recuperate us for the remaining weeks ahead.

Our fun moments spent in coupledom included:

  • Going to the new ping pong bar, Spin, in downtown as a mystery shopper.  With $200 to spend we had way too much to eat, played ping pong for an hour, and Bryan enjoyed the beverages.  It is a cool facility, a bit of a novelty, but one I think will make it in Seattle…especially during the long stretches of winter.  They also had a DJ and we had a good time dancing while we played.

    Friday night ping pong action
  • Joining in on Luis’ birthday festivities Saturday night.  Bryan attended for the both of us; meeting the crew for a Mexican dinner and then later for some drinks downtown.  Chelsea was not feeling the bars on this particular night.
  • Going to the Mariners vs. White Sox game on Sunday afternoon with babyless Billy and Valerie.  The game was at 1 pm and was a hot one but fortunately there was at least a breeze!  Bryan and I picked up Halal Guys platters to take in for lunch and needed it after a morning spent wrangling up the toddlers in the Toddlers Room at church.  That was an adventure but also fun to spend with the kids.
  • After the game, we used our tickets to get free access up to the top of the Smith Tower.  We enjoyed the stunning 360 degree views outside before sitting in their Prohibition Era-styled bar for a snack.  
  • Post weekend we even spent Monday night at our friend Anita’s latest house-sitting gig on Lake Washington with views of Rainier.  We enjoyed seeing a few of her friends, whom we had met before, and enjoyed appetizers and drinks on the deck.  We left pretty late, picked up sandwiches to eat at home, and got to bed pretty late.

    Bryan and Rainier

Our productive moments spent in coupledom included:

  • Bryan attended his Conscious Fathering class Saturday morning for three hours and learned a ton.
  • I washed all of the clothes and bedding for baby.
  • Picked our first “harvest” from our gardening pots.

    First harvest.
  • I organized all the little items for baby in the room and made labels with my coworker’s label maker for us and visitors to find stuff easier.
  • I nearly finished my first cross stitch project (it was nearly done already but I haven’t had much time recently to work on it).
  • I figured out where to hang all three cross stitch frames.
  • Bryan fixed the window blinds in baby’s room.
  • I located (but have yet to hang the white shelves I got)…decor is yet to come but some is ordered.
  • I made the mobile for above the crib.
  • Bryan broke down all the boxes for recycling.
  • We assembled the high chair and rock n play, still need to assemble to pack n play for baby to sleep on.
  • We have installed the car seat once before but will probably officially install it this weekend for go time.
  • Bryan cleaned out the drain in our bathroom.
  • I hung the “Baby Miller” ribbons.

    Baby Miller
  • We each got in one work out over the weekend and one this week for self care.
  • We have written our birth plan and we have contacted a pediatrician for little one.
  • I ordered our glider/rocker to arrive on Friday.
  • Bryan installed our new license plates.

There is still some work to do around the house but I am at least feeling organized with what we currently have and certainly find the rest manageable for before baby comes…in like 22 days.