May and Motherhood

Since being back from Mexico we’ve really jumped right back into things here in Seattle. Everyday almost has brought with it something (generally fun) to do, we’ve had great weather, and our first weekend back was a holiday weekend…celebrating ME (and all of the moms in the world). May is definitely a great month with lots of hope and anticipation for what the rest of the summer holds.

So day after we got back Reese was back at swim class with Lottie. We’ve had Sarah and Lottie over for dinner and the girls take a bath post swimming at our house and this week was no different. On Thursday I was invited back to the McMillen Jacobs Associates (now Delve Underground) office for a celebration for the end of the big E360 Sound Transit project that the Seattle office started working on back in 2014. Almost 10 years later it is finishing up and they invited all current and previous employees to come celebrate this feat. It was my first time back at the office and seeing so many familiar faces and it was wonderful getting to catch up with them over snacks and drinks. I then met up with the family at Little Park for the night. We didn’t have anything going on Friday but spent a good long while at Volunteer Park which Lottie just so happened to show up to as well.

We started the weekend off with a bang. Bryan gave Sarah and Lottie a ride to the airport as they were headed to New York for a week. He then picked us up to head north to Polly’s house to celebrate their daughter turning 2. We all had a good time, getting some brunch food and cake, enjoying their blow up giant crayons, mini bounce house, and other toys. We were there until we had to jet all the way south to Reese’s gymnastics class, Brooke taking her nap in the car. Reese enjoyed gymnastics and then we all headed home to watch the Kraken game, putting them in game 7 against the Dallas Stars.

Mothers Day came and I was told to go back to bed. Reese joined me a little while later after helping her dad in the kitchen. I was brought a tray with homemade waffles, scrambled eggs, Ellenos Greek marionberry yogurt and a banana and coffee. It was special and we all ate breakfast in bed together. Our plan for the day was to drive to the ferry terminal and bring our bikes on the ferry to bike Bainbridge Island. Bainbridge is known for being hilly, they even hold an annual bike ride every February called Chilly Hilly that is well known. But I don’t think either of us realized how hilly it was going to be or how steep those hills were going to be.

The ferry ride to the island was ultra pleasant and then once on the island Bryan had first turn to pull the girls. And Bryan pulled them for the first 12 miles, travelling up north around the east shore of the island and up two massive hills that I can recount. Brooke took a short nap during this time but once she was up and the girls were starting to get antsy and Bryan needed a break we found a small little public access beach that was the perfect spot to stop. We took a nice long break, getting some snacks and drinking water but also getting our feet wet (full body for Bryan) and playing fetch with a neighbor dog. It was beautiful and a nice spot to just relax. When we were ready to resume we got back on our bikes but this time with me pulling the girls.

We had already decided to modify the Chilly Hilly route and take out a few unnecessary miles and a few monstrous looking hills. I’m sure glad we did. Right away we had one very steep hill that really took all that I had to get up. I was very close to walking the bike several times up this hill but persisted. Fortunately the next few miles were more or less flat or downhill and after about 6 miles (bringing our total to 18 miles) we arrived in a little neighborhood center called Lynnwood where we were told had some soft serve. Well it was frozen yogurt but we got it and it was delicious and there was a little fountain in the plaza that Brooke in particular was enjoying so this was a very pleasant break. From there I continued pulling to enjoy a little detour route that was flat and along the west shore that was beautiful and worth it. Back to the town of Lynnwood and Bryan swapped back to take the girls for the home stretch which I am glad he did because the last few miles were again very hilly. Both girls fell asleep so instead of hitting the playground in town we went straight to the ferry which was a good decision because it was already past 5 pm and wasn’t until nearly 6:30 pm by the time we got home. The ferry ride was again beautiful and perfect temp and we were back in the car and picking up Manao Thai for dinner at home. It was such a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day with my family.

Other exciting things from this week is that we got a new wagon for the girls. Bryan customized one for us on the Radio Flyer website and we got to put that together for its test drive on Tuesday. I had a company social function at the Bowlero for some bowling, drinks and food down south by the airport Tuesday night. And the girls have been playing dress up a lot lately, particularly Brooke who is practicing putting on clothes and Reese just got a bunch of new summer dresses. All is well here. Weather is beautiful and we have a lot of fun events and travels coming up in the next month.


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