Baby Brooke is ONE!!!

My littlest girl is a one-year-old.  I cannot believe it.  How did the year go by so fast?  She is ever developing, ever learning new skills, new ways to be funny, things to climb on, things to get in, and ways to be mischievous.  She’s funny and hangry and loves her sister and entertaining people in general.  She’s got a great happy-go-lucky personality, smiles often, makes laser focused eye contact, and is still generally laid back during the day.  

I have so many great memories from the year.  She’s already traveled to see family in Michigan and Arizona.  She’s been to Hawaii, although she won’t ever remember that.  She’s gone swimming a few times and to the beach.  She’s been to the playground way more than Reese did at the age of one.  She’s walking everywhere now and is now learning to shut doors on me.  She can also shut the baby gate but then realizes quickly that backfires on her as she can’t open it back up.  She loves to climb up into the learning tower to watch what is going on in the kitchen, be closer to the snacks, or color on the counter.  She loves to head bop and dance.  She thinks booty dancing is great fun.  

For Brooke’s first birthday we had a party for her with her friends, Reese’s friends, and our friends at Optimism Brewing, because what better place to have a first birthday party than a brewery.  But, they have a kids play area that is enclosed, tons of space, and let you bring in your own food.  Promptly after getting back from my work trip to North Carolina, I got a pork roast in the crock pot to make a boat load of carnitas.  We brought fixings for a taco bar, rice and beans, and chips and dips.  We ordered a cake for her and the group from Safeway.  Theme was black and gold and we had balloons and party décor and a few table games for the bigger kids to keep them entertained. I think we had about 30 or so people that came out for the night and it was great to see so many friends at once. Brooke had a great time. Reese had a great time until I think she was overloaded with stimulation and needed a minute to sit in the corner of the brewery by herself for a bit before she was all good. We were there for the full three hours and headed home with minimal clean up to do.

Brooke is thoroughly content now that her squad is back. First her dad left, then her mom left her, then our nanny was out for a bit at the end of last week and we had a backup nanny for two half days. She seems super enthusiastic now that we are all back together. Give her two weeks of normalcy and then we are off to Michigan!

We love our little baby Brooke and were so happy that we got to celebrate her yesterday.


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