Fire and Fall

We have now been back to school and back to schedule for one week and in that time we have had wildfire smoke and fall temps it seems. I don’t think sunshine and warm days are completely over but this past week has definitely felt like it. It’s been good to get back into a rhythm and we’ve still enjoyed some time with friends and as a family.

Reese had three days of school last week and already another birthday park after school on Thursday for three of her classmates. We enjoyed some park time with them and pizza before I headed home to change and hand them over to Bryan for my first Mom’s Night Out at the nearby excellent wine bar Bottlehouse in Madrona with three other mom friends. It was a wonderful night being able to talk about all of our children, share our experiences in mothering, but also get to know each other better on a more personal level. It was also nice introducing one of my old FareStart volunteer friends to the group, who is coincidently a neighbor of another and a mom of three already.

The weekend was smoky, as the air starting hazing up on Friday and lasted that way through Monday afternoon. This prevented us from doing too much outdoors, or should have, but we still did. We had our first nanny share dinner at our house on Friday with the other family and our nanny. We ate outside and played outside in the backyard after dinner for some time. The babies really enjoyed the night but I think Reese did too. Saturday morning we headed over to West Seattle straightaway so that Bryan could watch the Texas vs. Alabama game with our Texas friends Phillip and Anne. Well, Anne was with me and the kids for the majority of it and after a breakfast of waffles and fruit we headed to their nearby park to play for quite some time. We spent the whole morning at their house and didn’t head home until nearly 2 pm, picking up some fast food on our drive back in hopes to keep Reese awake but that did not happen. The rest of the night we played and entertained ourselves at home.

Thankfully we had gymnastics Sunday morning to get Reese’s willies out. I took Reese and Brooke to gymnastics so Bryan could get a workout in and then we came home, I took a nap with Brooke (rarely happens but I think I was fighting something off and needed it) and then we headed over to friend Georgie’s house for a delicious dinner with them and for all of us to get out of the house for a bit.

Monday began with work but then the first Seahawks game of the season, a home opener for Monday Night Football against the Broncos and our ex-QB Russell Wilson. I wore my Wilson jersey to work but changed once home and then Bryan and I set out via scooter to the game while Katie our nanny graciously pulled a long day watching both girls for us after a full day with the two babies. We had an excellent time at the game. We picked up al pastor burritos from Carmelo’s Tacos on our way and had these and some tasty beverages from our seats, that although are high up, offer great views of the field and we are nearly at half line. The game was close and thrilling and we each lost our voice per usual. Took forever to leave the stadium from our seats and to no one’s surprise Reese was still awake when we returned at 9 pm. Still a wonderful night and a great first game (and win) of the season.

The rest of this week has been pretty typical. Bryan got dinner with a potential coworker while I took the girls to the park after school one night. We spent many other nights at the park together. We’ve enjoyed some home cooked meals before what will probably be a lot of dining out coming up with us heading to Vegas and my parents coming to visit. I’ve been gearing up for their visit, finally getting rid of some of the lingering baby things we’ve had lying around. We are both very much looking forward to their visit, a few days away with just ourselves, and definitely a week off of work!


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