Six Years Married

This past weekend marked the weekend of Bryan and I meeting and Bryan and I saying “I do”. It is always a special weekend when SeaFair comes along and honestly, the weekend is just one big party in town, whether we are celebrating with friends or alone. We had a great, hot, weekend, filled with a lot of water play, friends, and enjoying one another and summertime.

After another Thursday night concert in the park with Latin Jazz this time and being joined by adult friends of ours, Bryan and I worked Friday morning and then took Friday afternoon off. We had tickets to the Seahawks Training Camp practice down in Renton and it was a beautiful day. Our nanny asked for the afternoon off so we took Brooke with us, picked up poke bowls, boarded the school buses, and got dropped off at the Virginia Mason Athletic Complex to mainly focus on who is going to be our quarterback this year. After a beautiful afternoon spent contemplating this question, the answer is still out. We drove back to get Reese and caught the first official show of the Blue Angels while driving on the freeway. We spent the night with Reese at Montlake Park before heading home for dinner.

Saturday was our planned day to watch the air show and float but first we had to start with 8-month pancakes. We spent the morning playing at home, Bryan got me six roses in celebration of our anniversary, and in the afternoon we packed up our stroller with tubes, towels, and snacks and walked east towards Lake Washington and Madrona Beach. The beach was packed and the lake was rocking from all of the boat activity but we found a spot on the sand and took turns taking Reese out in the tubes, playing in the sand, snacking on chips and hummus, and then our friends (Georgie’s family) joined us, whom live just a short walk away from this beach. The girls played a lot in the water and then the sand. They opted to watch the airshow in the tube on shore with their headphones on. After watching the Blue Angels from the shore we walked up to their house (which is on our way home) and had some drinks and snacks on their back deck, Reese played and had dinner with their two kids, and then before it got too late we walked back to our house so Bryan and I could have our own dinner. Both girls were quite tired but still hung in there until pretty late.

Sunday morning began and we started like normal with gymnastics. Bryan took the girls so that I could play the first half of my soccer game and then we all met up at Madison Park playground to celebrate Lottie’s 4th birthday. Sarah got together a group of Lottie’s friends, we were the only ones not from her school, and the kids had a good time playing on the playground before the day got too hot. Sarah ordered some pizzas and we sang “Happy Birthday” to Lottie and shared some cupcakes before the party started to wind down. We gifted Lottie a kid’s digital camera that ended up being a big hit amongst the kids as they walked around the park taking pictures of various things. Reese heard the ice cream truck and ran it down to get a snow cone and then we decided to cool off in the lake for a bit, since it was right there, before heading back home. We took turns swimming with Reese while Brooke napped in the stroller and once cooled off headed home. We got home in time to catch the Blue Angels from our back deck, which was equally exciting this year.

We had dinner then both girls took a bath to clean off all of the sand and water from the weekend and shockingly Reese went up to bed herself and fell asleep around 7 pm. I cannot tell you the last time this has happened or she went down that early. She actually beat Brooke, who went down just after her, so Bryan and I were alone with each other at the early hour of 7:30 pm and didn’t even know what to do with ourselves. It didn’t take long though and we opened a bottle of wine and actually had a conversation and treated this night like our real anniversary. I was worried the whole time that Reese would be waking up either before we went to bed or in the middle of the night but neither happened, she slept until nearly 7 am the next morning!

We obviously had a lot of sun and fresh air and the swimming and playing I think took it out of all of us this weekend. It was a lovely summer weekend during what is always a very busy month for us. August still has a lot in store for us but fortunately we are getting a bit of a break with the hot temperatures. Especially since we will be camping in a tent this weekend! Happy SeaFair and Happy 6th Anniversary to us!


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