Brooke is 8 Months!

We have an 8-month old. Brooke has many of her own personality traits, which I will get to, but I just reread Reese’s 8-month post and there are too many similarities! Take a look:

“Two thirds of the year done, oh my! In the past month our girl has gone from taking her first crawl to zooming around the house, even climbing her first stair or two, has gotten her third cold, prefers snuggles to actual sleep, yields a cheesy smile more often than she should, pulls herself up to standing anytime she can, has gotten way more into eating solids (minus the dreaded peas), currently hates getting her diaper or clothing changed, finds the vacuum and washing machine fascinating, is delighted when she hears Raphi music, shrieks when excited, still loves her walks, adores her friend Lottie (and all babies young and old in general), loves to swim, would play with a soda can all day long, loves swing sets, enjoys real silverware in the form of spoons, has begun giving great big hugs and sometimes will rest her head on my shoulder (love!), enjoys going for a run with her parents but only when they are moving fast enough, thinks its now funny to remove her bow, also enjoys removing her own and other’s socks, prefers a plastic bag to most toys, likes live music, has been saying “mama” even though we don’t think she knows what that means, and has now been on 14 different planes and in 6 states. “

Chelsea (5/6/19)

Now there are noticeable differences. I think Brooke has only worn a bow (and socks) like three times in her life, but the last time we had her in socks she took them off. Brooke has not said “mama” at all. Brooke has been on 8 different planes and 3 states. She is still not crawling but is just starting to pull up by herself, still adamantly walks around the house holding onto our hands, and has climbed the stairs with our assistance so gets the concept of steps. She has always liked food but is starting to get a bit more fussy when getting her diaper and clothes changed. She does love babies, baths, water in general, hugs, spoons, soda cans and beer bottles, swings, music, shrieks when excited, plastic bags and wrappers, and the washing machine.

Brooke is already excellent at finger foods, finds my hands (for walking assistance) before my face, is already starting to pinch my arm skin like her sister, has had the grossest runny nose for two weeks now, and loves to cuddle in bed. She gets excited when we pick up her sister from school and I feel like her first word is going to be “Reese”. She also loves to wake Reese up in the morning. She has started crying when I say goodbye to her and leave in the morning but like Reese, the cries are short lived. She’s a super loving and happy go lucky kid full of lots of smiles. We are still so lucky to have her and love what she adds to our family.

  • And creating this slideshow has me realizing we’ve done a downright horrible job of taking photos of Brooke in the past month. I vow to do better this month!


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