Summer Full

Summers are a busy time, in a good way, but in a very full way too. Especially here, where our summers are amazing but so short, everything is condensed into a too-short season. This past week left both Bryan and I a little bit spent but still reveling in the feel good summer atmosphere.

We had some friends over for dinner and bouncing. We went out for a date night, dual mystery shopping and belated birthday dinner. We went to the second concert in the park with Reese’s school friends. Bryan had an interview. We went blueberry picking and then attended my company’s summer party. I played soccer. We played at the spray park and then the Lake Washington beach for some time. All in a weeks time.

Georgie’s family came over for some grilled steak fajitas and we thoroughly enjoyed their company. Georgie and Reese and their younger kid Sam all played really well together throughout the night. It was a lovely evening and the margaritas had us all in a good mood.

Bryan and I got a rare date night out on Wednesday when Reese’s old teachers came over to sit for us. Bryan and I had a fantastic dinner at STK in downtown Bellevue (a place we rarely go). We started with some amazing burrata and a classic bacon-y wedge salad before Bryan moved onto to the New York strip with chimchurri sauce and I went with the miso sea bass. And they brought us out a slice of chocolate cake in celebration of Bryan’s birthday. It was a lovely night and a perfect one sitting outside in the shade.

Thursday night was the monthly park play date at Volunteer Park followed by the weekly concert at the park’s amphitheater. Reese and her friends all spent the full hour plus duration in the wading pool as it was a hot day (Brooke played in the pool as much as she could too). We then all moved over to the grass lawn for a picnic dinner and the kids ran around the fields and danced at the front of the stage to some folksy music.

I took the girls with Sarah and Lottie to a very nearby unmanned blueberry farm to harvest our own berries. We managed to get a few pounds, Brooke ate a ton before taking a nap in the Ergo, and Reese managed to pick quite a few herself. We then drove over to Jefferson Park where we met up with Bryan and my company for some lawn bowling at the local lawn bowling club. We played a few games but mostly sat, ate some delicious tacos and popsicles, and watched the kids. It was a good time but we were tired by the time we got home.

And Sunday was a pretty free day aside from Reese’s gymnastics class and my soccer game. I am sore from the game and was pretty spent afterwards but after Brooke’s second good nap of the day we packed the girls up and first headed to a park and spray park to cool off (the ice cream truck had just pulled up when we got there) and then headed down to Lake Washington to play some more in the water and sand before picking up some Chinese food to have at home for dinner.

We are expecting a hot, hot week ahead here in Seattle. Feeling fortunate that we have this second air conditioner unit in the house to keep things cool and so far it is working. Unfortunately, the nanny share family we are working with has a case of Covid so we are playing the waiting game right now to keep them at home and make sure that none of us get it (please, please, please).


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