Headed East

We are headed to Eastern Washington this weekend to leave the city behind and spend some time with friends in the sun and with a drink in hand around the BBQ. Can’t wait for it but here is a recap of the past week in our lives.

Last weekend was productive in ways, busy in ways, and relaxing in ways, which is all around good! Reese had early dismissal at school on Friday so we took the opportunity to head down to Beacon Hill to a well renowned Filipino restaurant that I have been wanting to try and finally got reservations for. I had hoped to visit the playground next door before dining in but as we started making our way south it started sprinkling, and then full out raining, so we detoured to the Beacon Hill library instead to pick out some new books to read. Our dinner was delicious though and the girls were well behaved on their adorable heated and enclosed patio. We tried their lumpiang (like an egg roll or crispy dumpling we told Reese) and Reese loved these, then had their hangar steak with mushroom and shishito pepper relish and the short rib that came in a rich and luscious spicy peanut butter sauce and a side of their garlic rice. I’d love to try the rest of their menu easily. Midway through the meal Reese requested fries so we hit the one and only Wendy’s on our way home to get fries and two frostys to take home.

On Saturday we had two of Reese’s friends over to bounce and have some coffee and snacks and that was enjoyable although chaotic at times. The three girls played well mostly, inside and outside, and by the time they had left Reese was thoroughly exhausted, or so I thought. Reese said she was going to nap by herself and Brooke went down right away so I went on a run in the glorious weather but came home to Brooke who had just woken up and Reese who asked if “it was wake up time” but by the looks of her eyes she didn’t sleep a wink. I had two girls who still needed to nap but that wasn’t going to happen so when Sarah messaged to meet up at the park we opted in. Reese walked/scootered the whole way there, played with Lottie on the playground for some time, and scootered the whole way back home. Meanwhile, Bryan also went for a run in the hot afternoon sun and continued to make great progress power washing the driveway with his new power washer which was an early Father’s Day gift in a way. We had a nice dinner at home and all slept wonderfully Saturday night after such a busy day.

Sunday was misty and overcast and cold to start so I was looking forward to taking both girls to Reese’s gymnastics class and just enjoying sitting on the bleachers for 45 minutes. However, Brooke decided that the 10 minute ride over was enough nap for her so instead she watched her sister for the duration of the class. Reese loved class and then we headed home with a quick stop at the Amazon Fresh for a slice of pizza for Reese and Raised Doughnuts for a few donuts as well to share at home. Bryan continued working on the driveway and sidewalk and we played a while before nap time. I could have taken a nap myself but instead I geared myself up and went to a soccer game. I seriously questioned this decision when I got there and we had six players to form a team. We borrowed two players from the other team but still played down some members and the other team was outstanding. I all but keeled over dead by the end of the game and knew that I would be feeling sore for days after, which I did but probably Sunday night’s pure fatigue was worse than the soreness. Back home we had dinner and spent the evening watching movies since the weather turned to more rain.

We’ve had a pretty normal week this week. We did get to go over to Lottie’s house on Monday night for takeout dinner of Rocket Tacos, Bryan’s margaritas, and Sarah and Lottie’s banana chocolate chip cake for dessert. I also got to spend a few hours at a UM Alumni Networking event in South Lake Union while Bryan watched the two girls for me on Wednesday night. I have another networking event next Wednesday that I hope to make as well but this was a very enjoyable night to myself.

And I’ve spent all my spare moments today, working from home, packing for our weekend away before going to pick up Reese and having another playdate at Volunteer Park with her classmates from school. We don’t have a flight to make for this trip so we can leave whenever tomorrow morning but I’m hoping we don’t delay too long since tomorrow is supposed to be the nicest day of the whole weekend. Across the state we have had truly cool temperatures this whole spring and now summer and I just want some heat, briefly!


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