Energy Stores

Reese is full of energy. That is actually a quote that Reese told me this morning and nothing could be more true. She has so much energy and so much zest all of the time and this weekend really showcased that. Even though that beautiful weather forecast ended up treating us with some surprise showers and called into question a few of our activities, most of the fun was still had.

Thursday was really the day that the rain hit, and hit hard, unexpectedly so and enough so that it deterred our plans for the evening. We were supposed to have our first organized play date at Volunteer Park after school with Reese’s classmates but pretty much about 10 minutes into our walk to get Reese it started raining and we had to take cover when we could. Not having a change of clothes for Reese or her scooter, and Bryan getting hammered on in the car further north, we decided to forgo the park playdate (although about 10 families still ended up attending) and instead rode the bus into Capitol Hill to find books and read in the bookstore before walking over to get a mystery shop dinner at Elysian’s. This plan ended up working well, Reese got a new Peppa Pig book and we got to read in a castle in the bookstore, and then we had a delicious dinner of beers, fish and chips, risotto, and Reese’s first corn of the season while we stayed dry inside.

Friday also had scattered showers but fortunately by the time we had to go get Reese it was dry and the Steven’s school carnival at her school’s campus was on. We picked her up at 4:30 pm, spent some time at the playground there with her friend Lily, and then when the carnival officially started at 5 pm we were the first in line to play many of the games. This carnival brought back so many memories for me. The games were much the same, including a cake walk, and Reese had just as much fun as I remember having. She collected several “dollars” in the beginning, opted for all of the sweets at the snack table (i.e. cotton candy, two different types of lollipops and bubble water), and played the cake walk all of one time before landing on the winning square and getting to pick out some brownies, which her parents ended up eating all. Bryan and I also opted for one of the hot dogs from the vendor that was there that was delicious and a fun summer treat. We headed home at about 6:30 pm as Reese was about to hit a sugar crash and more showers were expected. It was a wonderfully fun summer evening.

On Saturday we were planning on having three families over for a BBQ and the opening day of our bounce house. Unfortunately one family fell ill to Covid and another family bailed due to the forecasted light rain so we had a one-on-one dinner with the Vidal’s and it was great and more than enough. We cleaned up the yard and got the bounce house out in the morning, even before celebrating Brooke’s 6 month birthday with pancakes, so Reese got to test it all out first. Once the Vidal’s arrived, there was the lightest of mist but the girls still bounced and enjoyed themselves throughout the night, inside and out. We had a delicious dinner of Bryan’s ribs and homemade sauce, homemade mac n cheese, cornbread and slaw. Reese had a wonderful time with Eliana which is great that they are getting to know each other better and Lucas is only a few months older than Brooke.

Sunday was another scattered rainy day so another day that I was glad that Reese had gymnastics class. Bryan took both girls this time around so I got in a good quick workout and was able to tidy up the house with them gone. I was fueled for this by breakfast in bed delivered by Bryan and Brooke! We spent more of the morning bouncing while the skies cleared. Sunday night was a much needed date night for Bryan and I. Our play was cancelled so we held onto our dinner reservation at Harvest Vine but chose to sit at the counter instead and enjoyed a wonderful dinner and glass of wine before heading out on our scooter to the Garage to play a few games of bowling. We played three games, were tied 1-1 going into the third game, but Bryan ended up beating me by quite a bit in the third. We left there and went for a walk since we could see that Reese was still awake for the sitter. Even after our walk, getting some candy from the store, and heading back after 10 pm, the girl was still awake so I finished putting her to bed. Her energy!

It was a great weekend and both Bryan and I felt accomplished and like we got in what we needed to. We have a pretty normal week this week and weekend before we then have our trip to Chelan. I’m still waiting for hot weather but we are at least solidly in the upper 60s and have had sunshine most days (although not today!). I have been biking Reese to school everyday and that has been great (and great exercise). We had Lottie and Sarah over for a grill out and to bounce last night and a late bedtime and Brooke up at 5:30 am this morning (and the rain today) has me S.L.E.E.P.Y. I just can’t believe how quickly time is going and that we are already into June!


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